I Finally did it!!!

I finally got over my fears of receiving our Lord on the tongue!! I did it at Christmas Mass!! I have been wanting to do it for a long time and Christmas Mass just seemed like the right time to do it. It felt so right and WONDERFUL!!

I have been reading so many post on here as to how wonderful it is to receive our Lord on the tongue. I have been receiving Him in the hand ever since we have been allowed to and I had forgotten how good it felt to receive Him on the tongue. Thank you all - even though you didn’t know that you all gave me the strength - Thank you!!


:thumbsup: That’s great!


That IS great. And you didn’t catch the flu? :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s awesome. I thought of doing it once, but I thought it would look awkward if I did it (everything is awkward when I do it, lol), so I never did it before.

I believe they still make Necco wafers (a candy). That’s what was used to “train” us in second grade in 1958. I have always received on the tongue. I just wish I could kneel.

Wonderful! :slight_smile: Deo gratias et Maria semper Virgini!

Deo gratias!

Yay! :thumbsup: I remember my first time receiving on the tongue – I was nervous, but it wasn’t so hard after all, and like you, I was so glad when I finally did it. You just have to receive this way a few times, and it will feel totally natural to you. In fact, now it feels unnatural when I receive in the hand (which I only do if I have a cold or something). :slight_smile:

I attended mass with my grandmother this past weekend and she received on the tongue. Knowing how devout my grandmother is, I know I can learn from her and I can’t imagine wanting to receive it any other way. Pray for me, as I will be receiving the sacrament for the first time this Easter!

Thank you everyone for your support!! I am also looking forward to my husband receiving the Lord for the first time this EASTER 2O10.


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