I finally got a Scapular!

:smiley: I’m so happy! yesterday my brown scapular came in the mail :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to wearing it :slight_smile:

now I just have to find a priest who will ‘invest’ me into the confraternity… I was wondering, for those of you who wear the scapular, how difficult was it to find a priest?? would most priests do it? and when’s a good time to ask…would it be after Mass?

I’m still going to be wearing the scapular before I get ‘invested’…

I love my scapular, it has an image of St Therese of Lisieux, and it’s really well made, from real wool :thumbsup:

Congratulations!!! Any Priest has the faculty to invest you in the Scapular – you may want to ask one that you particularly like. You could make an appointment to see the Priest, or after Mass – but make sure that you are the last one in line and that the Priest doesn’t have another Mass in 5 minutes or have to race to another Parish for another Mass.

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