I found an Examination of Consience I can understand!


If you may recall, I posted a year ago looking for an Examination of Conscience that would help me deepen my devotion and help me make a good confession. I finally found one!

I guess I must be a kid at heart, because you won’t believe what worked for me.

Proving once again that God works through the most humble means, I found this Examination for Children!


I now use this along side the more in depth examinations. It pretty much works with any of the usual examinations. I read the examination linked above, and then I go through the more extensive list.

It’s so much easier getting through the “What did you do” questions after meditating on the “Why it’s wrong” information. Because of the simple wording and more narrative way of writing, it makes the Examination more comforting and easier to understand.

Oh! I’m so happy! Praise God! Praise Jesus Christ! :extrahappy:

If you will be so kind as to keep me in your prayers, then maybe I can also conquer my confession anxieties and not be frightened anymore. Wouldn’t that be great? :thumbsup:


Thank you for posting this! I think that I shall find this quite useful as well!


Thank you for posting this. I forwarded it to my friend who is teaching CCD.
Like you said, it is simple, practical to the point, even good for adults.

God bless!


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