I found my patron saint!


I believe it is St. Josemaria Escriva! For the past few months I’ve been praying about ways to strive for holiness. I’ve been feeling God call me to focus on that. I kept seeing St. Josemaria’s name and quotes popping up in different places. I finally looked him up because I didn’t know who he was and his name was becoming familiar. It turns out that he was a priest who constantly taught about striving for holiness in ordinary circumstances in life! This is perfect timing, I’m glad that I’ll have him to look up to as I follow this calling. I am overjoyed!


I have several…

I’ve inherited St. Therese Lisieux who was my mother’s Patron Saint and have a tattoo of a cross on my ankle with a purple rose; it says Proverbs. 3:5. The rose is both for my mom who was a gardener and St. Therese, “The Little Flower”.

I just recently also have taken St. Dymphna too, because I have OCD and she’s the Patron Saint of those with mental illnesses.

About 7 years ago or so, my neighbor/friends’ father gifted me with St. Jude keychain. He’s the Patron Saint of their entire family, a Saint whose intercession was really powerful when they needed it most.
Again, I’ve taken St. Jude as another Patron Saint because I often feel like my OCD is a hopeless cause and he’s the Patron Saint of hopeless causes.


Wow i didn’t know you could inherit saints! Your tattoo sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing your stories, I love to hear how others have come to find their patron saints!


By inherit, I don’t mean she left her Saint to me in her will, I just mean I took her after my mom died. :slight_smile:


I love the wisdom of St. Josemaria. I often carry a little book of his in my purse. One little paragraph or sentence even can give me something to reflect on for days. He’s firm but never harsh or condescending. He can often come across as affectionate.

My patrons would be St. Therese Lisieux and St. Maximilian Kolbe. The story of St. Therese was in a book of saints my mom had and in a old school reader. It was a nice story and the pictures were pretty and this was what appealed to me when I was little. Only later did I come to appreciate how appropriate St. Therese was for me. I also fell in love with St. Maximilian Kolbe, especially after reading “A Man for Others”. He was brilliant (even designing a rocket ship that might have worked but was too expensive to build) but so humble. His martyrdom is heroic but his life is a good example of a person living the heroic holiness that makes them a saint.


Right! I am sorry to hear that your mom died, I will make sure to pray for her!


Thank you! It wasn’t recent, she passed away in 2004.


Yes he is a very wise man! I need to find a little book that I can carry around too, I would love to be able to pull it out and always know that I’ll be reading something beneficial to my soul.

I also love St. Therese and I’ll have to look up St. Maximilian’s book too!


Nice, good for you man :grinning:


thanks for the post of St. Josemaria Escriva! really like his sayings.i also like THE IMITATION OF CHRIST by By Thomas Kempis



How do I find mine?



check,for your date of birthday, or your bapitism day,or your state of life,eg work related,nurse ,doctor,homemaker,you have saints of every state of life,or just saints you like, eg st theresa of child Jesus


More than one?


You can have as many as you want or need.


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