I found the cure to anxiety!

Pray for others!

I have had horrible anxiety for years and it has increased to full blown panic attacks. Getting out of my own head and praying for others in the Prayer Intention thread has really filled me with peace and calm! Thank you, Jesus!

I just wanted to share this for those of you suffering.

thank you.

I will give that a try next time I feel any anxiety.

Thanks be to God. Perhaps, when you are praying for others, God grants you more trust in Him. The more we trust in Him, the more peace we will obtain.

This is along the lines of, the easiest way to get happy is to make somebody else happy. :slight_smile: Yes, it gets us out of our own heads, AND it makes us happy because we know we are doing something good for somebody else. Be it by praying or by something else.:):slight_smile:

My dear friend
More faith can help too.:slight_smile:

You are right, more faith would help.
I pray for it everyday. Will you pray for me, also?

I used to suffer anxiety attacks - that all changed when the King of Glory mercifully came into my life: anxiety, I knew within myself, was a spirit, and this Jesus, being omnipotent, was therefore powerful OVER these evil spirits, and able to deliver me from them - and by God’s grace, I felt a sort of “pipe” open in my heart, and all the anxiety wash away, and it never returned (until one day years later when I was being especially unthankful and rebellious - then God let it return to remind me of what He had done for me - then I cried out to the Lord and He removed it once again.) There is ABSOLUTE deliverance from panic attacks in Christ. Amen. PRAISE GOD!!

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