I found the Holy Spirit in confession


Ok, a few months ago. I was at confessions. And this priest told me we would bless me with the Holy Spirit. Because I had important exams results coming out and he knew what student are like after finishing high school and waiting for their results. He said that the Holy Spirit would make me less anxiety and more pleased when the time is getting closer and not more apprehensive. When he blessed me I would a wave going from my feet to my head. I feel like I would make a speech in fount of any amount of people etc and more confident.

Did anyone feel like this after get blessed by a priest?? For the holy sprit


During a couple confessions I have had, I felt a significant presense in the confessional. It was a comforting feeling. I did feel a sense of confidence that I had been forgiven of my sins. It may have been a sign from God to me as a reminder of the reality of how powerful this sacrament truly is. The sensation felt isn’t something I experience each time I go to confession, but it has happened to me more than once.


I love going to confession. I makes me feel so free and clean after. I can spend a lot of time talking to the priest. Sometimes I make an appointment for confession so that I can also ask the priest questions that i might have. I have a hard time understanding why many people are afraid to go to confession. I take my kids often and they love it too. Sometimes they remind me that it’s been a while and time to go again!


That’s a great Catholic family you’re building, augarte!

I haven’t had that “wave” sensation or something like that happen to me yet. I do feel much better, however, after I go to confession.


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