I get a "kick" out of watching Vocation videos

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I get a kick out of watching vocation videos like these…




And of course, Fishers of Men


I watched Fishers of Men and another Priestly Vocation video when I stayed for the overnight in Sacred Heart Major Seminary. I like to see myself doing that, being called forward by the bishop, scared silly at what I’ve gotten myself into :wink: , Prostrating myself to Marry Holy Mother Church at the Litany of the Saints, Feel the hands of the Bishop on top of my head as He calls down the Holy Spirit, getting the Chasuble put onto me by my Vocation Director, and giving them all a hug as I burst into tears. I know, it may sound like childish dreams to you, but to me, Its what I feel is beckoning. Its what I feel inside of my heart and what I feel the LORD is calling me to do. HE is seperating my heart from the world, to unite it to HIM, and that is what I desire. To be united with HIM forever as a saint. Amen.

Dont forget this one as well…


Just gonna say maybe thats a HUGE sign from God that you have a vocation the holy priesthood!

Check out this video. Its VERY moving in my opinion!


U Tube says this one is not available.

Yeah this one is great! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Of those that you posted in this post, of course Fishers of Men is awesome. But that middle one is the one that struck me the most. This is something the world needs today - more visible reminders of God’s presence in our world.

Gosh, I met a priest a couple days ago who does a lot of this - just walks around outside carrying a somewhat large crucifix in his right hand and a rosary in his left. He carries around a backpack and in it there are bunches of rosaries…whenever he is approached he gives away rosaries to those people. A reminder that the Blessed Virgin will crush the enemy with her heel. To me, it was very inspiring to meet someone who does that!!

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