I get catastrophically depressed every time I watch Scrubs

I know I shouldn’t, what with its glorification of premarital sex and its blasé attitude towards Catholicism, though I’m still attracted to it when I’m bummed out. It’s a show about an unattractive but sensitive and intelligent guy that is in love with a highly flawed but perfectly matched woman, which I identify with; though I never successfully had a relationship with the lady in my life, and I still dwell on it several years after-the-fact.


Why don’t you stop watching and start living? Do something to bring the desires of your heart into your life… :slight_smile:

If you get so depressed when you watch it, why do you watch it? :confused:

Time to turn off the Tube and go looking for YOUR perfectly matched woman!

Like everyone else, I wonder why you watch Scrubs if it depresses you? Maybe you should eat a bowl of popcorn while you watch? Maybe your depression is not because of the show but because of something else? LIke maybe you haven’t eatent dinner or are slightly dehydrated?

I like to watch Scrubs though, I agree, it exposes some unChristian lifestyles that seem to be very typical of modern society. If anything, the show depicts how not to live a Christian life.

But I think it is funny; it makes me laugh, so I watch it. I think there are some harsh truths about hospital employee life that are explored. Making the issues laughable takes some of the sting out of reality’s bites. I liked the older shows better than the recent seasons.

(1) Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings and reactions to the situations depicted in Scrubs (and anywhere else) that cause you discomfort.

(2) Try to pinpoint exactly what about the Scrubs episodes parallels your past experiences. For example, is it instances of miscommunication that cause rifts between the characters that reminds you of your life?

(3) Work with a counselor to help you resolve the unresolved issues that keep popping up in your head as you encounter things (such as Scrubs episodes) that remind you of them.

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