I give up...

A rough few days.


Don’t give up! You’ve got more blogs to write… and they are good to read:thumbsup:

That is exactly what evil wants you to do!

You won’t believe it right now, but God has already forgiven you and He hasn’t given up on you! Go see a Priest he will help you.

God Bless you, young friend.
You are in my prayers.


Do not despair! The Lord loves you more than you can imagine.

There is healing after abortion! You can find peace in the Lord and His Blessed Mother.


Check out the above site!

Don’t give up. You are beautiful, despite what you’ve done, you can only go forward from here.

I tagged this in my “Living Faith, Daily Catholic Devotion” booklet. Since reading one of your posts from a few weeks ago, you’ve been on my mind, and I think these words might help you. It’s my fervent prayer. They helped me.

Dealing With the Past

Your sins I remember no more. Isaiah 43:25

One of the worst things that can ruin my tennis game—and it doesn’t take much—is fretting about my last bad shot. The best players I know forget the mistake, put it away and prepare for the next point. There’s a life lesson here I need to learn. If your mind is occupied with thoughts about something you can’t do anything about, you are wasting a lot of time and energy on something that can’t change instead of working on the things you can change.
God is over our past transgressions. We should no longer concern ourselves with those sins. When we have been forgiven, we should make every effort not to repeat those sins, but they are gone. God makes this promise to us. God wants us to do better, to grow in love and mercy. Looking backward won’t help. What an enormously generous gift from God.
Paul Pennick

I think God has a special love for ordinary people who live in a state of obscurity, simply because by doing so they imitate Him. When looking at Christ’s life we see that God willed for Him to live an ordinary and obscure existence for 30 years before starting his public ministry. When we look at the individuals God willed to take care of His only begotten Son, we likewise see two great people veiled in an ordinary and obscure existence; yet despite this what made them great was they were two people who did everything for God and neve for themselves. They were ordinary people that had extraordinary love.

I think knowing our weaknesses and our powerlessness shouldn’t be a cause for depression but a cause for joy. By knowing these things we see the Truth, and we see how we are dependent on the Truth: God. So many people are led away from God through a false sense of independence and pride. So many people are for some reason shocked when they see they are capable of grievous sins; but you shouldn’t be shocked by this and you should not let your past sins overshadow the fact that you are a child of God, and that God loves you and wants you to come to Him.

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