I got a mysterious package


I had an odd but nice thing happen to me today.

The mail man brought a package full of very nice clothing that look to be my size. Along with the clothing came an unsigned note with a hundred dollars. I have no idea who this came from.:confused:

The package read:



Do you need it?


wow hmmmm.

It’s addressed to you personally? it’s not meant for someone else and the addy is just wrong? do you know anyone who lives at that return addy?

That is odd indeed…:confused:

If you find out who it is tell them I can use some summer clothes myself:p


28311 is Fayetteville NC in the US…


Yes, it was addressed to me and the clothing looks like it would fit. Very nice clothing, I should add.


The road is one that I looked and is located in Fayetteville NC. I live close to that area but not in Fayetteville.

I called my priest and they have no record of a Manderino, but he said that they could still attend our church but just not have registered.


If I find them I will tell them to send you summer clothing.:stuck_out_tongue:


We have things tight, I admit. But I never tell anyone that.

I’d like someone to thank.


If they wanted thanks, they would have let you know who they were.

Can you put a personal ad in the shopper of that zip code?

I found out that one of my CCD kids had no FOOD last year and put a couple of bags of groceries on his front porch with an anonymous note saying: Enjoy this! When you can, do the same for somebody else.


Thank God, literally :stuck_out_tongue:

A Brother told me of a nun he knew once who would always respond to any compliment with “Praise be to God” because she always wanted any praise for the goodwork or talents she could do to go back to the source of them.
I’d bet that’s also what the anonymous giver of this gift would want.


Here is what the note said:

We hope you are not offended by the contents of this note and package. I thought I would 'pass along’some blessings to you and your family.

God Bless you all


Hey! Maybe somebody had helped them through a tight spot at one time and they are doing just that “passing along the blessing!”


Yes. The giver probably wants to be annoymous. My neighbor told me just to pray that the annoymous person continues to be blessed.


Anonymous is best. :smiley:


Wow that is cool… I got an anonymous Easter card with $200 one time so I could buy food… unfortunately a friend saw them going to the door and taping it to my door… I put a thank-you in our church bulletin so they could stay anonymous…


My neighbor suggested that I put a thank you note in our church bulletin also. I think that is a great idea.:slight_smile:

I am going to buy food also. No, we aren’t starving but it would certainly help us to have food that doesn’t come out of our paycheck.


I think that my annoymous friend was female because the tops all match the bottoms, were in my size, came with matching scrunchies and are in a style that I like. I don’t think a man would be so observant.:slight_smile:


DH and I received a one page letter in the mail once with a postmark from a city where we know no one. It read:

“Never forget how much your friends love you.”

The message was typed and there was $100 in cash in the envelope.

We had been going through hard times (still are) and couldn’t buy a wedding gift for some friends of ours because of it. The letter arrived not long after their wedding… and I have since figured that it must have been that couple who sent it, because they mistakenly left out one number of our address on a card they sent to us months later (the anonymous letter had the same mistake).

What a blessing it is to have friends like this (and the one who sent you the new clothes). We’ve tried to help others as best as we could too, and hope to be able to do more in the future.


Well yeah its’ either a woman or a man from Neptune or some other unearthly place…:stuck_out_tongue:

How sweet:) It’s nice to think someone thought you deserved such a blessing. I like the idea of a thank you to anonymous in the Church bulletin.:thumbsup:


deb! That is so cool! That is God at work…how neat!

I would like a box of chocolates to be dropped at my door…:smiley:

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