I Got A New Rosary And Scapular Today!


I got a San Damiano Rosary and a Brown Scapular today! I'm so happy! Now I can show my devotion to Our Lady by wearing Her Brown Scapular!

God bless! :extrahappy:

EDIT: The computer wasn't able to upload the pictures onto here, so you will just have to look at the links I provide you with. :) Note that on the San Damiano Rosary, the centerpiece ended up being of Our Lady, not Saint Francis. And the strings on the Scapular I have are brown.




A couple of years ago my granddaughter sent me a Rosary from Notre Dame in Paris --- I never go out of the house without it -- I double-check and make sure I have it. If I'm walking to the street car or local bus I say a decade for a particular person


Congratulations. More important is devotion to Our Lady by praying the rosary every day or as often as possible. You're starting on the right foot. Keep up the good work!


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