I got banned from a 'Christian' forum........can you believe it?

Yup I did

I got banned from Edited

because I express my views the Catholic way and try to show them another point of view…but they don’t accept me for being Catholic…so I got banned

what a bunch of cowards:shrug:

as with all forums, maybe they’ve got some house rules there and you unintentionally posted something they deemed offensive or whatever.

I don’t think I did

I only present my views on Sola Fide…and I got into an arguement with an anti-Catholic(who they support a lot)…I’m only defending my beliefs

and they call catholism satanic there:mad:

:slight_smile: Hi hopelessrom_grl, you should take that you were banned as a compliment. I’ve noticed that when i present my/ our views to our Protestant brethrenand they have no answers to my views they always shut me out.
This is a defense mechinism as I’m sure you realize. Guess you just made to much sense and scared them. :wink: Keep it up, after all we’re just trying to help them attain salvation.

And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.

Matthew 10:14

Actually, I just visited their site, the one you were banned from, and under “Announcements” they had this posted, I assume by their administration.

I quote exactly: “As Christians, we do not practice a religion, not everyone can have the same testimony, it is a personal relationship with God. Please do not confuse Christianity with politics or religion. Christianity is not Mormonism, Catholicism, Jehovah Witness, Free Masonry, the KKK, or Nazism.”

I have been trying to make sense of what they are saying; it is a disjointed statement, with poorly connected sentences whose meaning is unclear. To link any group with Nazis or the KKK in particular seems to be aiming to insult that group… I found it difficult to stomach this “announcement” whose purpose felt mean spirited and seems to intended to squelch dialogue by lumping such disparate groups together.

I don’t get why some Christian sites don’t acknowlegde Catholics as Christians

like this one for example:

Edited Per banned topics

it makes Catholism sound like a cult…it even called us the ‘Cult of Mary’:mad:

It looks like they are attempting to say that Christianity is not one religion but is made up of many. But then go on to define that by examples that seem to be a list of religions and clubs they do not consider Christian.
If instead of “KKK” they had “Baptist” or instead of “Nazi” they had “Church of Christ” it would make more sense.

But the way they put it, it looks like Catholics are the same as Free Masons and other weird cult groups.
That is my usual experience with militant protestants who don’t like to be called protestants.

I always see this kind of thing as more proof that I am in the true church. Because other churches feel the need to lie to their flock about my church in order to keep them in theirs.

I love how that site actually has a link trying to convince people that it isn’t a hate site, its a LOVE site.:rolleyes:

It’d be funny if it wasn’t so disgusting:( How can people like this claim to follow God? It really makes me sick to my stomach.

What horrible places, full of lies. Well, we all know who the father of lies is…

How christian is that to ban a Catholic only expressing Catholic views on a christian site. You were behaving. They had no right. :mad:

It’s like saying, ‘yeah I love Jesus but I hate His Church.’ Ehh what can you do. Still makes me mad.

Do none of you people live in the deep south?
Really, we southern Catholics are on the front lines of this stuff everyday.
My wife had one of our friends watching our daughter at the “Christian” Day school once and when I went to pick her up they introduced me to the class as a “real Catholic” as if I were a member of a lost tribe from a forgotten religion.
Y’all just have to laugh at this stuff. Why would you want to be a part of a forum that is so blind they put blinders on just in case they accidentally see?

Yeah, I remember quite well being told ‘oh, well, you must not believe in Jesus’ when it was revealed that I wasn’t attending Vacation Bible School.

One of my favorite prayers remains ‘Dear Jesus, save me from your followers!’ :wink:

Sometimes I just play along and say “Oh we stopped sacrificing virgins on the altar in the late 70’s, hey, you don’t know where I can find a live chicken for Sunday Mass do you? We are running out of goats.”:rolleyes:

I am surprised how many :eek:'s I get from that one.


That forum is a joke. They only have a little over 100 members, and they don’t let anyone join at the moment. They are afraid to let other points of view be expressed. At least this forum here allows other points of view, even though there seems to be a fair number of extremists here, but obviously they allow a wide variety of posters here.

If you click on the above link you’ll see that there is an informational video from Pastor Mike. :rolleyes: He sounds like a legend in his own mind.:rolleyes:

It says: “Due to increased attempts to deface and discredit the site, from hateful and lost individuals (not likely any of our current users.) we have had to disable new sign-ups. This is not what we intended. We are reviewing our current format on how it can best serve Christ. This might leave a few users who pose opposite and anti-Christian views to do so in another venue elsewhere. The video above details some of our reasoning regarding this. We’ll keep you posted.”


Thanks for that video link, it really shows the mind set.
I mean, I’ve talked to atheists, and I’ve converted one…just one, but I’m one man and that is as good as I think I can do up to this point. I’m still in my 40’s so there is still more that I can do.
But I never argue with them.
I know people who like to argue about Christ, it’s a lost cause.
There is a guy who used to drive me up a wall trying to get me into the Church of Christ. I came away from that experience with the thought that the Church of Christ condemns everyone to hell that does not follow their religion. That is a “hate” religion.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but as a Catholic, I believe there is forgiveness in Jesus.
Like the prodigal son, one can come to Jesus after sin, and after being a non-believer to the open, loving arms of Christ.
If my son was to get in with a bad crowd and then came back to me, would I shun him because he defied me?
This guy in the video seems to say that there is a point where you give up on a soul and leave them to burn in Hell since they won’t bow to your argument.
It took me 4 years to get my atheist to attend a church.
What if I had given up?
What if I had decided that he was not worth my time?
What amount of time is a soul worth?
What else are we doing on this earth if we are not living to emulate Christ?
How busy are you that you can’t find the inclination to bring someone to Christ?
I work 12 to 14 hours a day, I run my own business and in December, I work 6 days a week. I have 2 children in various clubs, lessons, schools…etc…etc…my wife works hard, she is the president of the Ladies Guild and I am a Knight.
I have a full plate, but this guy seems to be willing to throw souls aside to make videos of himself pretending to be a messenger of God.
What a blankety, blank, blaknin’ BLANK!

thanks…v good points you guys have…but too bad I can’t go into that forum to see what the hell they are saying about me

I don’t like the Protestant thinking that says everyone who is not a Christian will go to hell, no matter how good they are…I think it ain’t fair

Maybe you can use the time more productively? You could take up the violin or volunteer at a homeless shelter?

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