I got fired from my job - not legit reason, but is this wrong?

I have been working for 2 years as a receptionist (even though, I have been actively looking for a job in a field that is totally different from where I was working, so I stayed until I found something perfect for me). My boss is very nice and I like most of the other people there, but I just hated the work and I wanted to find something in my field. Anyway, my boss fired me on Friday, due to a client complaining that I didn’t say the name of who I was connecting her to when she called. She said she called 2 times and I didn’t give her the name, but I am pretty sure I mentioned his name the second time she called… however, I am not 100% positive. When she called back the second time she was having an attitude and was being rude in my opinion, over something so silly. The main guy who is above my boss is very strict, and so I am sure he told my boss to fire me. But, my boss was being very rude about it. Even though I didn’t care for working there, I felt really sad that my boss acted that way to me when I have been a good worker.

I have been applying to lots of places, and I even got a job today (not in my field, but I need something for now). I got a call today for a job that is more in my area that I’d be interested in working, but I have to fill out an application. There is a section on my reason for leaving my last position… and I don’t want to say that I got fired, because in my opinion it was not a fair reason, and it might look poorly on me if I say I got fired. I have been wanting to leave that place anyway, so would it be OK if I just wrote “not in field of interest”??? Or, is this wrong?

the big problem with not being forthcoming on the application is if they contact your last employer and he tells them you were fired. now it looks like you are trying to hide it.

You didn’t get fired from your last job. You’re still employed. So your last job would be the job you have now.

Well, I haven’t started the new job yet… I start Monday, but I am hoping to find something else before then.

Be honest with prospective employers.

It sounds as though your firing was very questionable. You could try to work out a confidentiality agreement where they would agree not to say that you were dismissed but rather that you resigned. Whether this is worth involving an attorney is up to you.

I myself as an employer would much rather the truth. I understand 1st and 2nd hand (happened to my wife) that when employer fires or writes up someone for something trivial then they just want to get rid of them. The Truth shall set you free!!! If you find the boss that is compassionate and understands this then you will find your job fun. Good Luck and remember if you truly love what you do you will never work a day in your life!!! God Bless!

Re-read about Cain in Genesis.

Don’t lie on these kinds of forms. If you do, you have a “for cause” sword hanging over your head for the rest of your time at the job. Do not lie.

Most applications have a spot that asks, “May we contact this employer?” Mark it no. In the space reserved for the reason you left the job, try to be as brief as possible. Maybe you could write something like, “issue with a customer’s complaint.” You can go into more detail during the interview.

Your boss wasn’t nice. There are labour laws and in most jurisdictions, he wouldn’t be allowed to fire you the way you describe. You would likely have cause for a claim of wrongful dismissal.
I would be honest: I see it as you being let go under unclear circumstances; you didn’t challenge it, but went on to immediately start another job, and you are looking for something in your field (which is the job you are applying for). This is admirable.
One door closes and another opens. God help you through this.

I agree… My boss was not nice at all, but I meant he was nice before this incident. They had fired a girl awhile ago for a mistake she made, but she wasn’t there for 2 years. So, I am not sure if they are allowed to fire for any reason they want or not. I thought about talking to a lawyer about this. I also thought maybe it was a blessing in disguise, because I needed to get out of there and work somewhere where I can actually learn and help others… I work well under pressure, so maybe being fired is good for me. But, I need money in the meantime so it was bad timing :frowning: Thank you so much for your kind words! God Bless you

LOL! What does Cain have to do about this person’s question or what I posted? I know the story of Cain and Abel. This has to do with her job and getting fired???

Unless you are in a “fire at will state”. then the labor laws laugh at you. been there, complained, did no good.
i was a supervisor and hired my own people, i would rather applicants tell me on the app they can discuss the reason they left their last job in person/during interview.

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