I got into seminary!

I had my Seminary Review Board today, and…DRUMROLL… I WAS ACCEPTED! Diocese of Harrisburg, Pa! starting this August! Pray for me pleaaaaassseeeee!

CONGRATULATIONS! :clapping::clapping::clapping: What wonderful news! May God bestow every grace and blessing on you as you enter the seminary. You’re in my prayers!:heaven:

Joining in clapping and celebrating. That IS AWESOME news. You’re also in my prayers.
Adding in a “happy dance”…


Wonderful news! I wish our diocese had the same policy. I have a good friend who had his two days ago, but apparently it is standard in our diocese to wait weeks or even months to inform the candidate of the decision.

Congrats! I will certainly pray for you. We need good, holy, courageous priests in the days ahead. God bless.

I am so happy to hear this Brother!! May the SACRED HEART Bless and Bestow You with every grace that You need to become a Priest!! You will be i my Rosary tonight!!

Congratulations. I will keep you and all that answer Gods call in my prayers.

May Our Lady join me in prayer for you. May God bless you and guide you in your vocation and may you become a blessing to all whom you meet. Amen.

Ah. That’s really nice! May God assist you graciously in this holy endeavor!

Congratulations! :smiley:

Congrats! :thumbsup::smiley:

Great news fingers crossed and prayers I get in.

Congratulations - now begins the journey!

Congratulations, and may the good Lord, Who has begun a great work in you, see it through to its successful completion!

:extrahappy:Congratulations Brother!:clapping:
You are in my prayers.

In Christo, qui vere resurrexit, sicut dixit, allleuia!
Frater Attempto

Congratulations, my friend and brother!

I was accepted as well, in December. Isn’t this an exciting time!

What university are you going to?

Wonderful Holy News! So joyful to see another young person take this step. You remind me that while we pray for vocations we ought to specifically pray for our seminarians. I will try to do that at least once a week. God Bless you.

Congratulations to you and to all who have recently entered or will soon enter seminary. May the Lord bless each of you for answering His call :hug3:

St. Charles Borromeo in Philly! how about you?! congrats to you brother!

I can’t address all of you individually, because there were so many, but THANK YOU sooooooooo much everyone! You’re kind words and prayers are very much appreciated and needed!!! God Bless!

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