I Got It! (sort of)


I received the letter yesterday.

The Tribunal of my archdiocese has determined that my marriage was invalid. They are sending this to another diocese for review, but it appears that my annulment has been granted.

This is just the first instance. Of course I know I need to wait for the second instance (review by the other diocese) before the final determination has been made.

Even so, with all the unpleasant events and burdens that have happened to me so recently, this was some really welcome news.


It is always nice to get some good news when everything else around you at the time seems like doom and gloom:). Kind of perks up your day. Prayers for the review to go well.

Brenda V.


I’m happy for your news! May God continue to grant you the grace to continue moving forward!:slight_smile:


I’m sure that is some welcome news, and the final decision will be even more welcome.

Do you mind me asking what the timeline was from the first time that you sent in the paperwork? Just curious.


Congrats, I’m sure that is very much a relief / “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling. I have hopes my mailbox will produce a letter like that sooner rather than later myself.


Praying the rest is smooth sailing.


Happily, the second instance (confirmation of the first) is typically very quickly processed. Even after my wait-three-years-for-the-first-instance decision, the second decision arrived within few weeks. :smiley:


:smiley: congradulations rpp. i know myself the anguish of waiting in these matters too. it took three years or better for my wife’s anulment to be cleared so that she and i could be one in the church. may God’s blesing shine on your marriage amen.



While I have never known the review to reverse the decision [except when the case hase been appealed to lRome ala Kennedy], it is a necessary step. It makes the first court careful to dot all the* i’s* and cross all the t’s. Without a review they might get careless, but no one wants to be reversed.


Great news–thank you for sharing!


Great news! Congrats!


Congrats and me too! My first instance decision came in December. It took a year to process (rather simple case, I thought) and my archdiocese tells me the second instance decisions take about 3 months.


I can vouch for that. Mine took 3 months, and I assume your archdiocese is San Antonio?


Home archdiocese is Galveston-Houston and our reviews are done in SA…I think all TX second instances are done in SA.

I have no complaints about the length of time. It’s been pretty much what Iwas told to expect. What scared me in the past was someone I knew who got through the process at frightening speed (in a different state).


Congrats to you!! I remember getting that first letter in the mail - I held my breath for 5 months before receiving the final decision (they lost my file for two months):eek: !!! But it was so worth the wait just to see those words on the page.

Welcome to the rest of your life! :smiley:



I cannot express how happy I am for you! :smiley:


I submitted the application in March of 2007. At that time, I was told it would take 18 to 24 months. So this was much faster than I anticipated.

When I spoke to a Tribunal representative last month, I was told it would take about 6 weeks for the second instance.


Well, that is certainly better than taking longer. My divorce was supposed to take 6 month but took 14 months.

For the nullity petition though, I submitted my initial questionnaire in September. My ex has indicated he will not participate, and all of my witnesses plus my counselor have submitted their testimony. So, I am wondering if this might take less time than the year they had estimated. I don’t know if there are any additional steps to go through, other than have the Tribunal review the testimony and other evidence I submitted and make a descision.

It would be nice to have a road map, of what the various steps are, so that I would know where in the process I am. Although, since it has only been 4 months, I guess I don’t have any reason to be impatient at this point…


I do not know if my ex-wife participated. She had fled the USA and the only address I had for her (her mother’s) was dubious at best.

I was only able to get 2 witnesses, my parents and one co-worker.
(After my conversion from atheism, all my friends deserted me. I had to explain this in my testimony.)

In any case, I believe the tribunal in my diocese has a 60-day waiting period to get testimony from people, including the ex-spouse. So even if someone does not permit, they do not hold things up too much.

Good luck with yours! :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d jump in and let you know the timeline that I’ve experienced so far. My ex-husband did not participate in the process.

I submitted my petition in January 2007, had my interview in March 2007, my witnesses submitted their testimony in April 2007. I received communications from the tribunal in August 2007 and October 2007 - basically each just told me that my case was moving to the next step. Earlier this month (January 2008), I received my most recent communication from the tribunal stating that my case “is on the judge’s desk”. So…it’s been one year and counting. I was told 12-18 months

It was very helpful to read the earlier posts on this thread about the length of time between the first judgement and the second. Even the vague thought of a timeline is helpful.

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