I Got It!!!!!

Today, I received the letter I have been waiting for.

I have received the letter from my archdiocesan Tribunal stating that the neighboring diocesan confirmed that my previous marriage was not valid. They have found my marriage null and thus I have an annulment.

I am now free to marry.

What a relief!

However, this is somewhat bittersweet. While I am pleased that I am free to marry or pursue a vocation, I am disappointed that my attempt at marriage was so flawed from the beginning as to be invalid. I only hope that, with God’s grace, I will learn from my mistakes.

Now I have the rest of my life ahead.

I can only imagine what receiving that letter must feel like. It must be so wonderful to have such a thing closed off and be able to live without it “hanging there” over your life.

Prayers of thanksgiving for you.

Welcome to the Land of Those Who Are Free Of Invalidness!!!:extrahappy: And trust me, you have learned!

May God Bless you and your journey ahead. :slight_smile:

Love this answer!!! You would be surprized at how much you have learned…

I knew my decree of nullity would be no problem, but I remember how happy I was when dh got his… wow!!!

hey, congratulations on the letter (feel sorta funny to say so too). I wish you happiness!

Blrssings to you!!!

I got my letter 20 years ago and have been married in the church (he converted) to my best friend for 19 years this coming July.

I wish the best for you and know you have learned a lot just as I did

God bless you!
Trust Him for the plan of your life - He will never fail you.

I also wanted to send along my congratulations, although I know that this event is received with mixed emotions. I posted to you when you received the first decision and I am glad to hear that the second Tribunal confirmed that decision and you are now free from your invalid marriage.

I am still awaiting a decision on my petition and hope to have this type of news to share in the near future.

I hope that your future will be happy and bright.


With prayers of thanksgiving and for your future happiness - Joe.

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