I got my Rosary blessed


Not sure if this is the correct place to put this; feel free to move it if not. Anyways, this morning I and many others got our Rosaries blessed by a bishop. I’m pretty sure this is my first blessed sacramental, and while I’m happy that it’s been blessed, I’ve been told that I have to treat a blessed sacramental with a certain degree of respect. My question is what am I not allowed to do with it? For example, am I not allowed to put it in my computer bag and other things like that? If it’s a matter of why I’m keeping it there, I keep it there so that if I need my Rosary, most of the time, it’s right there.


Congratulations! As a matter of practicality, I’d get a little pouch for them, in a bag they can get caught on things and break, if they are strung on a string, a break will give you a bag o beads. I make wire loop auto rosary’s basically one decade and even they sometimes catch and pull open. A lilttle bag is they best way to keep them protected.


Pray it reverently and relax.
When they say “respect” they mean don’t leave it in the ashtray of your car.
Get a little pouch for zippered coin purse for it.


Cars still have ashtrays? It’s been a long time since I saw one with a real cigarette lighter.


My van has an ashtray and a lighter. I use the ashtray for change.

Also, I thought a new Rosary came with a pouch or box-mine did.

A small change purse is a very good idea from P.C.:slight_smile:


Yes you are allowed to put it in your computer bag. Keep it in its own small pouch so as safeguard it and should breakage.

I received a rosary made up of my birthstone from my mother for my birthday years ago. I asked to the priest to bless it after he received my confession. Also my first sacramental.


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