I got my rose on the SECOND DAY!


Maybe I just need to be beaten over the head with my rose, but…

I’m praying the novena to St. Therese, asking for a rose, and I got it early–on the
SECOND DAY! Does that mean it doesn’t count yet or does that mean that God is trying to make it even more obvious…???

Please share your thoughts…


I would accept it and turn my petition into MAJOR THANKSGIVING!!!WOOHOO!!! Thank you St. Therese!!!:thumbsup:


And just why are you asking St. Therese for a rose?


I guess I’m not totally sure this is the right way to use the novena…but I’ve been praying for a sign about a major decision…that would effect a lot of people, but most notably my family, our finances, and my health…sorry for being so vague, but I guess the conspiracy theory side of me wonders who might be reading these posts…


Awesome! We cannot know what we means, but we can feel the love of knowing that a friend is praying for us in heaven.

I just want to share my first experience with St. Therese.
It was May of 2008. I remember the date because it was 2 days before my 1 year anniversary of being married to my husband. I was checking my email online - and you know how something news stories are listed in the block before you go onto your mail page? Well there was some relationship tips article so I sort of half-thinking clicked on it and read it. At the bottom there was a tiny little bio of the writer and saw that it mentioned something about her writing for some Catholic web page, that always gets my interest. I clicked on the link to her page and one of her many family, marriage, etc articles was about St. Therese and receiving Roses. I had never heard of St. Therese before. I read her emotional account of receiving roses and then the comments left by other readers who had gotten “roses” from her. My first reaction was that it all sounded a bit ridiculous and superstitious. I thought it was cute, but definitely hokey and these people were just looking into something that wasn’t there. Accompanying the article was the St. Therese novena. I read it over quickly, thinking it was pretty, but I didn’t think much of it and didn’t add an intention to it or anything. I had barely closed the window on my computer screen when the doorbell rang. Weird. When I get to the door and open it, a bouquet of flowers was waiting, and among the flowers were gorgeous roses! They were from my MIL, it was a Friday and since my anniversary fell on a Sunday she sent them early (probably because they 1-800 flower type places don’t deliver on weekends, or if they do its super expensive). The hilarious part is, my MIL is severely anti-Catholic so this story would probably make her fume.
Since that day, I have asked for St. Therese’s prayers regularly. I have received roses some of the times, others I have not. It is awesome to know that we have friends in heaven who pray for us though.


that’s wonderful!! :slight_smile: it’s fine if you continue your novena. I think she just wanted to give you a sign early :wink: that’s what happened to me too. Sometimes God just wants to encourage us.

God bless!!


If you’re praying for a particular serious intention, and got the answer sooner than anticipated, then glory to God.


because St Therese said before she died, that she will send down “a shower of roses”, meaning favours, from heaven… and since then, many people who have asked for her intercession, have also received roses as a sign that she’s praying for them :slight_smile: often in really obvious/miraculous ways.


St. Therese of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face… pray for us.



Sometimes the Rose isn’t a “rose”.

I have been praying the St. Therese Chaplet daily thanking Jesus for sending me St. Therese to be my guide. I have been trying hard to follow her little way. I always ask for a Rose.

I have never seen a rose, a picture of a rose, or experienced the scent of roses in regards to this daily devotion. However, it finally hit me. Each and every day, sometimes multiple times during the day, as I read about our faith, watch EWTN, or listen to Catholic radio, Therese is mentioned. Sometimes in passing, sometimes as the subject. And when her name is mentioned it always leads to an answer to a question I have. See Therese is the Rose. :slight_smile:

–Cadian :knight1:


“Cadian” AWESOME! You are seeing with the eye’s of Heaven! :gopray2: Thank you for sharing this!


that’s great!! :slight_smile: that can definitely happen too :slight_smile:

and sometimes, I don’t get any signs at all, and that’s when I think God wants me to just rely on faith. :wink:

God bless!


This is so true. I was going through a death in the family last week, and I was having some anxiety issues. I prayed to St. Therese for help. Well, at school we have planners with quotes from Scripture and Saints. I open my planner, and see this:

“Be Not Afraid to tell Jesus that you love Him…This is the way to oblidge Him to help you, and carry you like a little child too feeble to walk” -St. Therese of Liseaux.

I think St. T wanted me to hear those words. They really helped me through it. She gave me a little rose that helped me in a big way. :slight_smile:

St. Therese, I love you!



I do believe you received a sign. I’ve heard about St. Theresa sending a rose as a sign.

Two questions: 1. When praying to St. Theresa, do you have to ask for the rose as the sign of the novena being answered or will it be sent anyway?
2. Has your novena’s intention request been answered?

Just wondering.


I think asking for the rose is part of the novena prayer :slight_smile:
it goes…“St Therese the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant the favour I implore, and tell Him I will love Him each day more and more.”

there are other novenas, for example praying a Glory Be for each year St Therese lived on earth (24).

and to answer your second question, yes, my request was answered.

God bless


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