I got sick and tired to listening to rap and hiphop but

i got sick and tired to listening to rap and hiphop but it seems that there is CATHOLIC rap and hiphop out there!!!

finally i found some urban music thats not Godless and not protestan … it is CATHOLIC!!! … thank GOD!
i love listening to all types of music but i do miss listening to urban music and now i can and not feel guilty about it, check it out my Catholic peepz…LOL


it looks like some are getting the message from the pope to use popular media to evangelize!..Amen! :thumbsup:

If you’re into some eclectic Christian music check out the metal bands Underoath, Haste The Day, Norma Jean and Still Remains. I haven’t listened to a lot of them, but they claim to be Christian, and some might be straight up catholic. At the very least Still Remains has a good sound.

i like music that sound good and talk about the Christian Catholic life and these guys do exactly that, am really digging their stuff. :thumbsup:

Rap and hip hop is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me, so the lyrics are immaterial for me. But I fully realize that everyone’s taste in music is different, and if you have found a band that you are comfortable with, then good for you.


I actually like classical music but i use to listen to alot urban music like rap and a bunch of dance music when i was young but around the mid 90s i lost the taste for it, specially rap cause it switched from telling stories of the getto to having money and easy women (B word) and it just got stupid but am glad to see Catholic lyrics in rap.

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