I got turned on during a massage! Is it a sin?


I’m a 22 year old married female and my husband is deployed well long story short I went to the my local holistic practicioner a few days ago and got a massage as part of my therapy for severe lower back pain well the massage therapist was another woman and I don’t know why but I got aroused!!! I am not a lesbian I love my husband deeply I feel terrible about this I didn’t fantasize about this woman and nothing happened other than a massage in a professional way but I still got aroused I feel disgusted with myself and don’t know what to do I asked a friend and she recommended I go to confession but I’m not sure if I actually sinned since I didn’t act on the arousal this is sooo embarrassing for a woman to admit to any advice?


Nothing happened. There is nothing to confess.


It is not a sin. Sometimes a message stimulates certain muscles and nerves which are also associated with sexual arousal. It is not uncommon for men to be aroused when the inner thigh is massaged. They and you can’t help it. It’s just the way we are wired. Even with the same therapist it may not happen again but the worry may make you tense. If you prefer to not go to the same therapist again because you are worried, that is your decision. Massage therapists are professionals and they are not in the business of sexual arousal. It just happened. Period. Don’t sweat it.


If automatic physical responses that involved no consent of the will were sinful, all men would be doomed. Your body simply had a physical reaction to stimuli, think nothing of it. :wink:


Not a sin at all unless you acted on it or encouraged it. Just a physical reaction. Don’t feel guilt, worry, etc…


It was the physical stimuli that did it, not the person who was doing it. That’s why I avoid massages or if I do get one make sure it’s a man giving it. :slight_smile:


it’s important to always as far as possible avoid occasions of sin.Nevertheless,for your case if you did not submit your will to the arousal then don’t be too harsh on yourself.I would strongly suggest however that you talk plainly to God about it in prayer,so that you can have your peace.In prayer,you will have it settled nicely.
You can say this prayer next time when faced with similar temptation:
'Father,purify my mind with the blood of Jesus,and fill my mind with your Holy Spirit.Amen"

  1. It has to be a grave matter
  2. It has to be done with full consent/ knowledge
  3. You do it regardless (commiting the sin).

Do you think your arousel qulifies as a mortal sin given the 3 factors that MUST be met in order to commit a mortal sin?

In my opinion it may be a venial, if it even that.
Number one: yes, it could be seen as a grave matter.
Number two: No, you can’t help that your body responses as it does as its merely a reflex.
Number three: doesn’t even apply in your case.

As mentioned I can’t see how on earth it could qualify.
But if you’re worried sick you can Allways go to confession to get an absolution if it helps you move on and it may be a good opportunity to confess other venial as well.
It’s Allways better to confess more than needed rather than less.

Pax Christi

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Funny thing massages.

For me they would be Purgatory.


Arrousal sometimes happens. What is relaxing to one person may not be good for another. We are trained on the human body-not your body. Don’t be afraid to ask a therapist to do something different.

It is important to remember that it is perfectly ok and encouraged to tell your therapist if something is uncomfortable- be it painful, ticklish, arousing or aggravating. A good therapist can easily use alternate techniques to achieve the same therapeutic results. If a therapist does not comply with your request- get off the table.

Be at peace.

raaucoin, Licensed Massage Therapist


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