I guess I'm not to old to have heard it all

Okay, so I had an odd encounter at Wal*mart today. I’m in the toy isle minding my own business, (adding to my Hot Wheels collection) when this young, nervous fella walks up to me and says:“Excuse me sir. Do you read the bible?” I chuckled to myself, and said “yes, I have” He then said:“I belong to a church that teaches God the Mother” At first, I thought it was a prank, but he continued" We call Jesus Father, and we are called Children of God. Therefore, God is our Mother." I really didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’s teaching false Mormon doctrine, but he then gave me his card, and said if I can go to his church, he’d show me from the Bible where they get their teaching. The church? World Mission Society Church of God. I can honestly say, I never heard of such a “church”

Wiki’s got some stuff on it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Mission_Society_Church_of_God

Also, there was a caller on CAL a couple weeks ago on the Open Forum that had someone from this “church” approach them.

That isn’t a Mormon belief but it is weird.

Could be similar to this church…herchurch.org/


It’s not. From what I read it’s just a different version of Christianity that originated in Korea. Granted this version does stray quite a bit from the more popular mainline groups.

Essentially, this is a new 20th Century cult. It started in South Korea in the 1960’s and is spreading. You can find it on the internet for a full explanation. It is belief through the private interpretation of the bible and teachings of Ahn Sahng-hong. It borrows some Christian beliefs coupled with non-orthodox teachings. Some Greek mythology. Man was once an angel. There is a Mother God as well as a Father God. They celebrate some Jewish Feast Days. They follow the Saturday Sabbath. They are iconoclastic. They go from house to house, shopping malls and college campuses for recruits and those of weak faith. The belief system is all over the map. Steer clear of it.

I guess I would have invited him to come to my church instead and told what I believed. :shrug:

Martin Luther is crying in heaven over this. That is just…wow.

Purgatory probably. :wink: Personally, I think purgatory will consist largely of truly seeing with perfect clarity the damage that our sins have done as part of the process of not only being forgiven of them, but of losing our attachment to them.

Another thread though! We both certainly agree that these new guys are nuts. That’s something, eh?

Double nuts.!

just one of the 41000 different denominations in this country all teaching something different. in other words, another of the 41000 proofs that the Catholic Church is needed

Be nice. Most of those 41,000 are single location independent groups and many are theologically identical.

So less polemically speaking, there are only about 1,700 different protestant denominations out there if divided by theological differences rather than arbitrary formal associations. Downright unified, eh? :smiley:

since I have not looked personally at the doctrines of all 41000 to see if any are similar enough to group, I will take the word of someone who has…:slight_smile:

Maybe I’m just optimistic that he’s no longer in purgatory.:smiley: (it’s been a few hundred years)

That’s strange, my man… Strange indeed.

I find it’s best to stay away from Walmart. I never darken their door unless I absolutely have to.

The 41k number is from PEW and is meaningless. It is [FONT=Verdana][size=1][FONT=Verdana][size=1]the global sum of the total number of denominations in each country. Thus most denominations are counted multiple times, since they are present in multiple countries. Quite a few Catholic denominations in there.[/size][/size][/FONT][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][size=1]

I read it in several sources. So, it may be meaningless to you, but not to me. Not sure why you are always so negative to your fellow catholics…makes me wonder if you are a troll…

maybe that is meaningless, too

Well…he or his group has every right to corrupt the gospel as did many others before him. Let’s pray that he and all others come to the truth.

Assuming the number is that usually cited (and that grows, over the years), and that it comes, ultimately from the same source (rarely cited itself), Tarboy is right. Here’s the comment from one of the editors of the source book which is, at bottom, almost always what is being referenced:

"Thank you for your inquiry. I can assure you that the figure of 39,000 is in no way inflated. This number represents our most current, up-to-date data. As we are constantly updating this figure, it is not published in print form. The figure of 33,800 from the year 2000 was printed in our book World Christian Trends, (Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2001). Part 12 of World Christian Trends (WCT), Table 12-1 gives figures of denominational totals for all 238 countries of the world. These figures are also represented graphically in WCT on page 917, Global Map 14. The definition for denominations used in WCT, and also in our publication World Christian Encyclopedia (Oxford, 2001) is as follows:

‘Any agency consisting of a number of congregations or churches voluntarily aligning themselves with it. As a statistical unit in this survey, a ‘denomination’ always refers to one single country. Thus the Roman Catholic Church, although a single organization, is described here as consisting of 236 denominations in the world’s 238 countries.’ "

Of course, some other source might be what was being referred to. But I doubt it.


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