I [had] a dream (about founding a religious order)


Last night I had a dream in which I was visited by St. Dominic, or who I at least infer to be St. Dominic. He was in the Dominican habit, had a tonsure, came with a dog, (in fact, my dog) and spoke in Castilian. I can speak Spanish, so what I remember him saying to me was that I was to found an order of youth called the Young Servants of Christ the King (Sirvientes Jóvenes de Cristo Rey).

He took me to a table and laid out a piece of paper, on which he drew the habit, which was a purple robe with a red scapular (rounded at the ends) tied over the robe with a white cincture. The robe of the men’s habit was hooded, and the women’s habit had a white underveil and a red veil. Both the men’s and women’s habits had habit rosaries, with black, wooden beads and a pewter budded cross. St. Dominic said that little chains were also to be worn on the right wrist and left ankle.

I was told that the order was to attract young Catholics, allowing them to enter into the secular world and proselytize while remaining faithful and part of a religious community.

That is about all I can remember, but there is a part of me saying that more of a discussion went on. I was thinking about it for a while, and I was sure someone on here would know where to go with this!


I recommend that you talk to a priest that you trust about this. Set up an appointment by calling the Parish Office or talking to Father after Mass.


Do you feel called and actually want to found a religious order? I am assuming that you are not already a religious. “I had a dream” is not, in itself, going to impress too many people as everyone has dreams.


I agree. I’ve seen Father Barron discuss about vocations were an incident like this is not a do or die scenario.

It takes some discerning to find a calling such as that and good spiritual direction, which will not be entirely possible on these forums.


It’s interesting that you remember so much precise detail about the habits. That’s unusual with dream recollection, in my experience.


I have sometimes felt called to religious life, and I will be sure to talk to my priest about it. Thank you all!


Aside from getting a spiritual director, I would suggest that this be a personal prayer rule for yourself, and dress in the same colors suggested to begin with. Don’t do anything about a habit until you’ve lived your charism. Canon law says that each person is a charism (gift to the church and the world), and a number of laity have adapted a habit with their bishop’s blessing.

I’ve noticed there is no mention of a rule or a formation program. Dominicans follow the Rule of St. Augustine.

What you’ve proposed would progress from your personal prayer rule to a private lay association of the faithful – your own ‘third order.’ From there would arise the actual community. Canon law says that nobody younger than 17 can enter a novitiate, so you’ll be a lay association until the youth pass 17.

I sponsor an online group called the Fullerton Society. The group is named in honor of Lady Georgiana Fullerton, a laywoman who assisted with the foundations of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, and the Society of Helpers of the Holy Souls. If you’d like more information, I can send it to you.



God often reveals the end of a thing before it begins to his friends.

Was there no other person in the dream besides you and St Dominic?


Indeed, this is a matter for discernment with a spiritual director preferably a priest.


Was St Dominic on your left or your right?


I heard that some Saints (when they were still alive) also encountered the past Saints in their dreams, calling them to found or enter the religious order.

For the vocation discernment, the priest gave me some suggestions:

  1. Do you really want to/ have interest to walk Religious Path (because your mind is also from God)
  2. Pray more asking God to give you clearer direction
  3. Contact and visit the Religious Order (Monastery) that you have interest in, try to live for a few weeks to see if you feel suitable for you.

But first of all, you should speak to a priest first. God Bless! :thumbsup:


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