I had a dream about priests and a bird flew to a window in my home. I am worried

I am really concerned that i had a dream about priests coming to my home. Also the day prior a black bird flew and hit a window in my home 3 times.
What does it mean?

Pray for me and my family

It was a dream. Why should this worry you?

Let’s cut to the chase. These are not omens. People have dreams and birds strike windows.


A bird hitting a window or a mirror commonly means that it has seen itself reflected in the glass and has misinterpreted its reflection as a rival male bird intruding on its territory. Nothing to do with dreams. Just turf wars.


It could mean that the bird is young (just learned to fly) and is still learning about windows. It’s that time of year.

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Please do not be superstitious.

I had a dream about barefoot priests dressed in black medieval monks robes and hoods coming into my house the other night. They were chasing after something. Maybe demons. I woke up and said, hmm that was an interesting dream about priests, I must have spent too much time reading CAF before bed. Then I went on with my day and forgot about it till I read this thread.

I suggest you forget about and go on with your day too. If you are frightened say a prayer to Jesus, Mary, Joseph and St. Michael, then put it out of your mind.


Are you getting your home blessed?

I have had ducks fly into my house. As long as their are birds that fly and houses, they are going to collide occasionally.


The ducks probably did not have any religious significance.

Only “probably”?!

Yes, probably. :angry:

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