I had a dream of seeing Jesus


I have been having some pains in my hands and other medical problems. This past holidays my adult son didn't bother to call me for Christmas or for New Years. I called him several times and I sent him some e-mails. He finnally called me with a lot of anger that he was really busy and could only see me for breakfast for my birthday. He scared me with his anger that I decided to send him an e-mail declining sp to meet him for my birthday since he has anger issues and I don't need to put up with such rude behavior.
I told him just to send me flowers for my birthday. I am an old senior lady. He is 47yrs.old and hardly ever calls me.

On Jan. 6th, 2011, I had a dream that a lot of people were waiting to see Jesus pass by us. We all wanted to just see him. We were all waiting. I decided go to a different area to see what I could see. I saw a beautiful tropical place with a foot path for one person to walk through. I felt Jesus would be walking towards that area. I started walking and I noticed a lot of people milling around which means they were not aware that Jesus was passing them by.
I saw Jesus walking towards me and I was walking towards him. I just put both of my hands out so Jesus could touch my hands and he did. He passed by my face really close where I could see his face real clear. He had a worried, disappointed look in his face with stress lines on his face. He seemed far away in thought as he passed me. He looked like he was carrying the world on his back.

What was strange was that nobody recognized Jesus but me because he was walking all alone through the crowds of people.

I have no idea what this dream means. If anybody wants to send me a private message please do. LaLucia


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What was strange was that nobody recognized Jesus but me because he was walking all alone through the crowds of people.


I'm not surprised. Many people ignored/denied his identity even when he performed miracles. Human nature doesn't change.


It seems that your dream was not just a dream. It is true that God find many ways to communicate. You have many incidents in Bible where God talks to people through their dream and they wake up and obey His commands in the morning.

Here I am not an authority to decipher your dream. Hope someone who is gifted to do that will help you with it.

But be sure that you are blessed. Engage in prayer. Be close to Jesus and feel his presence. Do not resist it. Make yourself available to Him and HE will reveal Himself more clearly to you at teh fullness of time.

May God bless you, next time when you see Him, talk about me too! please..

With paryers,


It was a wonderful surprising dream of seeing Jesus. When Jesus walked on this planet a lot of people didn't really know who he was except for his apostles. Jesus could walk anywhere alone and a lot of people didn't really know him.. except at times a person would just walk up to Jesus and ask for healing. They knew who he was. I think when I walked up to Jesus in my dream he knew I needed healing in my hands and body, and it was me who chose to have him touch both of my hands because I had that need for healing of my hands.

I had the real experience recently of a cruel doctor give me a cortizone shot in the middle of both hands. He didn't use any pain-killer anestetic spray on my hands before punchering sp the middle of my hands with the needle. It felt like nails being pushed into my hands. I had severe pain and I had to bite on a piece of cloth to stop myself from screaming with pain.

The doctor kept moving the needle like in a circle and kept saying, "Does it hurt... over and over". I could feel the pain going from layer to layer of pain as he kept sticking the needle in my hands. I never went back to that doctor again. That happened in Dec.2010.
Just last month.

The doctor had made a mistake and gave me the shots in the wrong area of my hands to kill the pain of my hands.
I said to myself...."Now I know some of the pain that Jesus went through when his hands were nailed to the cross. It feels like a stigmata on my hands. It was a permanent pain in the middle of both hands. It was like a chronic pain and always hurting me.

I knew that I had seen Jesus in modern times of 2010 because when I walked out of the area the building was very modern with the new wood colors of Espresso which is a very dark color and also the walls were white and there were lots of glass windows in the building. I walked out with a white gift box that said "ART" kit. I like to paint and I need to get more training as an artist. Maybe Jesus wants me to start painting again of Angels and saints like I used to do in 1996.

When I woke up from my dream... I touched the middle of my hands and didn't feel the pain in my hands anymore. Once in awhile they hurt when I pick up heavy things. But I think that Jesus is healing my hands slowly. Presently, I am not feeling any pain in my hands as I am typing this information. "Thank you Jesus", LaLucia


Hi LaLucia,

How awesome to see how God mysteriously, but quite clearly to whom it meant, act .

You are blessed. Keep going. And remember to talk to Him about me too next time.:)

May God bless you.


That is wonderful. You have experienced his consolation.


The first time I saw Jesus was in a vision. I saw him as a baby in Mother Mary's arms.
I was totally shocked as Blessed mother Mary put him in my arms to hold him. It only took a few seconds of seeing him. It was in 1996.

The next time I saw Jesus was in a vision in 1999 where he was walking towards me and I was thinking "I wonder what message Jesus will give me". Jesus walks up to me and says,
"Lucia". I totally lost it and started crying and crying tears of joy because Jesus knew my name. I then realized that all of the years that I prayed to God since I was a little girl that God had been listening to me.

In 2001, I was having eye problems. I was praying to God to help improve my vision. All of a sudden I heard Jesus's voice say to me, "I am with you always". I cried tears of joy when I heard his voice.
Jesus showed up another time when I was doing a meditation with some Catholic friends.
I saw a vision of Jesus and he gave me a private message. I told my friends that Jesus had given me a private message. One lady said she didn't believe that I had seen Jesus.
We started to pray and read the Bible and were taking turns reading from the Bible when all of a sudden the lady who had said that I didn't see Jesus......she said real loud.... Jesus is here talking to me. Then she believed me. I didn't ask her what message she had received from Jesus. I think Jesus just wanted to prove to her that he really talked to me.

I have no idea why Blessed Mother and Jesus have chosen to stay in touch with me. I am not a perfect old lady. I have lots of flaws. I have had to carry many crosses in my life.

What is really interesting about Jesus is that he only shows up to one person at a time.
When there is only one person who sees him there is no proof that the person saw him or talked with him. But he showed up to that lady that he really did talk with me. That has been my only proof.

I am truly blessed to be able to see Blessed Mother and Jesus in my dreams and also in visions. I think a lot of people have seen them both but they keep that information to themselves.


Dear LaLucia,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful encounters with Jesus.

I was thinking about your most recent dream, and how perhaps it is connected to the way your son treats you.

It seems that Jesus is allowing you to experience some of the rejection He Himself feels from those He loves so very much.

I'm sure your heart is broken because of your son's neglect of you. But the Heart of Jesus thirsts for the love of countless people who ignore and even hate Him.

Perhaps He came to you in your dream to let you know that He is entrusting some of His pain to you, and allowing you to console Him, as you endure your son's behavior with a forgiving heart.

You sound like a beautiful, loving person. I'm so happy that your hands are much better. How good God is! Even though our loved ones often forget us, Jesus is always loving, always embracing us.

God bless you, LaLucia.



And he coming forth saw a great multitude, and had compassion on them, and healed their sick.
Matthew 14:14

Lucia, Thank you for reminding us of The Divine Physician. Sasha


Patricia, I agree with you because I think Jesus felt sorry for me because my adult son has not been nice to me and plus that mean doctor that injured my hands that felt like nails being nailed into my hands. It was so nice of Jesus to take the time to visit me and heal me.
Sasha, thank you too. LaLucia


Last night I had a similar experience, last night I woke up with a slight anxiety attach that I have been suffering for about a year now. Off and on. I quite smoking a year and a month ago. To make a long story short. after I work up last night with the panic attach, I started praying the rosary to calm myself down and I had a vision of a person (silhouette) and I heard a very calm but commanding voice say "I am with you Always" I'm not a regular church goer and am a convert to catholic. I have some personal issues with a indecent that happened when I was 15 (I'm 42 now). It was not scary it was just different, calming and amazing.
What should I think of this? I felt like I should fall on my face out of respect and being humble. Any thoughts. I feel blessed but wondering what it means


I pray to see Jesus in my dreams too.


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++

God’s Spirit is in my heart,
He has called me and set me apart.
This is what I have to do,
what I have to do.

He sent me to give the Good News to the poor,
Tell prisoners that they are prisoners no more,
Tell blind people that they can see,
And set the downtrodden free
And go tell everyone the news that the Kingdom of God has come,
And go tell everyone the news that the Kingdom of God has come.

Just as the Father sent me,
So I’m sending you out to be
My witnesses throughout the world,
The whole of the world.

Don’t worry what you have to say,
Don’t worry because on that day
God’s Spirit will speak in your heart,
Will speak in your heart.


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