I had a feeling that made me uneasy


I don’t know where to post this, or even if it’s appropriate, but I had a really strange feeling last night.

It just was almost like a realization I had. I saw that everything around me was fake and temporary, even my body. I just wanted to break free to something more. I wanted to move “out” of myself to something better. Something permanent.

“The earth will wear out like a garment” is a good way of putting into words what i felt.

It’s slightly scaring me because whenever I think back to it I see how broken our reality is.

I don’t know if this makes any sense and I don’t know if it was a grace from God that I realize this, but I think the Lenten fasting yesterday really spoke to me.


Be Not Afraid!!:smiley:


It sounds like a grace, from God. I wouldn’t let it frighten you, though. From what you wrote… it sounds like you’ve simply had an “awakening” to the reality that all material things are passing, and momentary; that we weren’t created for the material world… but for eventual life with God.

I think you had a realization that we’re “passing through” and that your existance with God… can begin now… while you’re still living on earth. We can all choose to begin Heaven… while still on earth. Through frequent reception of the sacraments, frequent Mass and prayer… and offering up of our daily sacrifices and sufferings. This is what it means to be a Catholic Christian.

Hope this helps. God bless. :slight_smile:



God let you know to cling to Him, for He is unchanging and real. :slight_smile:


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