I had an interesting dream and I am curious

Hello brothers and sisters,

I know that not every dream has meaning and that they shouldn’t be something to put a lot of faith in, but is it possible that some dreams do have meaning to them? I’ve been struggling to pray for something recently. This is something I’ve been praying for for the past year, and I feel that my patience in it is wearing a bit thin. Throughout this past year, I’ve felt that I was supposed to be in this period of waiting, praying, and growing in my faith, but recently, I’ve been growing impatient. I’ve been trying to focus more on listening to God, and this includes reading my bible more often, and having times of silence (if anyone has any suggestions about how I can focus more on listening to God, please let me know), in an effort to really try to accept and hear God’s will for my life. During my times of silence, I feel at peace and as though the Lord is telling me that I’m in the right situations in life, and that I’m almost there, that this thing I’ve been praying for, it’s almost here; however, I struggle to put faith in that because in reality it seems so far. I set aside some time for silence yesterday and I hadn’t for a little bit of time, and I just felt that same peace come over me, and a still small voice telling me to be patient and to hold on, I’m almost there; yet, I’m scared to trust this. I had a dream about a painting of a sunset, that now looking back seems more like a sunrise, and it was beautiful, but the painting wasn’t fully complete yet. The painting was almost complete, and just towards the bottom, it was missing maybe a centimeter or less to reach completion. I didn’t remember the dream when I woke up, it wasn’t until a few hours later, when I was sitting in more silence, thinking about this thing I’ve been praying for that I recalled the dream. I usually don’t feel that I get a lot of meaningful dreams, and usually my body uses dreams as a means to wake me up if I’m cold at night, but this dream felt like something reassuring all of those feelings I get in praying through silence. Brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray for me, and if anyone can offer any thoughts or advice please let me know.

In Genesis 41, it is said of Joseph that he correctly interpreted the dreams of two prisoners and the dreams of Pharaoh. In Daniel 2, Daniel correctly interpreted Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul says that prophecy is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit (I assume that that includes prophetic dreams, but I won’t be dogmatic about it). Even if Paul wasn’t including dreams, we can see quite clearly that prophetic dreams can happen.

However, I don’t possess that gift. I have asked the Lord to give me the gift of prophecy, but He has chosen to refrain from giving it to me (for reasons that are best known to Him). I will pray that God is more clear to you, though.

I pray that God answers your plea and that He blesses you with the gift of dream interpretation. Amen.

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I would highly recommend praying the Rosary daily. It has changed my life.

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Maybe there is something in your life that you thought was ending (sunset) but you realized instead it is a new beginning (sunrise) even if you don’t have yet the full picture of this new project/phase of life/situation (painting is not complete yet).
Just my two cents…

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Our conscious desires can drive our dreams. If my dreams have meaning at all, it would be to stop using drugs. Doctor disagrees.


You know, I’ve actually been feeling pulled towards praying the rosary daily. I think I will try this. Thank you!

The dream means Jesus is coming back soon. The Sun represents God. The painting of God on paper that is not complete is about prophecy that is yet to be fulfilled. God is telling you he is very near to returning and wants you to be ready and that your hopes in his return will be rewarded soon.

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