I had two hotdogs last night


that expired last October, and I’m still alive today to tell you about it. My roommate was a lot less optimistic.



Did you realize that they had expired last October? And you still ate them?


Well, in my defense, they had been sitting unopened in the fridge during all that time. Besides, there was no mold on them, well, none that I could see, anyway. They did taste a little dry, and a bit more sour than I remembered.


Hmm… well, having worked in a grocery store for about 8 years… I know how quickly meat can go rancid. It was pretty risky to eat them. (I know, I sound like your mom… :rolleyes: lol).

But I’m glad you see to be OK. Hotdogs freeze pretty well. You might wanna freeze them, next time. They’d be a bit safer.

God bless.


*I echo that emoticon that Marie posted! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you been shopping since last October? :smiley:

I am so strict about those expiration dates. My husband tells me that it’s the sell by date, typically…and he keeps something around for another few weeks after that! :eek: And he is still around to tell about it too…maybe men have iron stomachs. :D*


You did cook them very thoroughly correct? Were they made out of real meat or processed meat?

Oh my they could still have bacterial endospores in them…or or…


You need urgent prayers my friend

mmm but hotdogs sound really good right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m strict about expiration dates too. And once you OPEN something, the expiration date on the package is then shortened.

For example… a package of unopened hotdogs… might have an expiration date of a few weeks. Once opened, it is only a matter of days.

When I open something, I write the date opened… on the package, with a Sharpie. So… I always know how long it’s been opened in the fridge.


Ha! I was a microbiology major in college and let me tell you - the restrictions on meat are there for a reason! Even frozen meat should not live in your fridge beyond several months (there are limits for all kinds: beef, turkey, fish, game, etc.). Now, as far as me personally … even after all that schooling if there’s food around and it ain’t moldy, I might chomp into it before I check the expiration date!

Glad to hear you survived to tell the tale :wink:


LOL :rotfl: are you human, Bad Turkey? :ehh: Seems to us all here that you should be very sick after eating these hotdogs!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hotdogs are so over processed and have so many preservatives I doubt any living thing could survive on it.
It’s like a twinkie, they stay good forever


I bought some pita bread last March and forgot about it. I was cleaning up some junk in my mudroom and found an old plastic grocery bag in July. Inside was the package of pita bread…looking completely good! The expiration date said March, but there was no mold or anything. That just tells you how many preservatives are in this ****!


You could very well be okay BUT…

I ate a rotten can of corn about two months ago. I didn’t notice that it tasted like death until I had started to eat it.

Anyway, I freaked out and started looking into food poisoning stuff.

Turns out that depending on the type of bacteria present, symptoms of food poisoning may delay a few days. I read that symptoms tend to manifest within 4-36 hours, but it can be as long as 72 hours…and if I recall correctly sometimes up to a week.

I say this not to freak you out but just to let you know that you shouldn’t consider yourself off the hook yet.

If you have poison control hotline or something in your area, you might want to call it and see what they have to say. That’s what I did…and they told me I might get sick but I might not. I didn’t get sick, but then again I really only had a small mouthful. It can depend on how much you consume.


Haha, that’s funny! I just “discovered” them in the fridge last night, and like finding quarters in the sofa, I just had to try them. I like “experimenting” like that.


I just have one question for you: Did you say grace?



This just reminded me of something that happened about a month ago in my house. My wife and son were out so I was preparing something to eat for my daughter and I. She asked for a hot dog and I found one in the back of the freezer. While cleaning up afterward my daughter found an expiration date of 08/2004 :eek: on the empty dog pack. I kid you not. Seems it got lost in the back of our outdoor freezer then somehow moved to the kitchen freezer. I’m happy to say my daughter is still with us, though I don’t think she will ever let me live it down… :stuck_out_tongue:


That was highly unsafe. Don’t do that again, ok? :shrug:


I’m getting a little worried, you had no problems eating two hot dogs that expired in Oct… and then I see your user name is Bad Turkey… I hope I am not seeing a pattern here, please don’t tell us you got your name from a similar fiasco with last Thanksgiving’s dinner…

This reminds me of something dh showed me:
Army Colonel Eats 40-yr-old Cake

He had saved a C-ration pound cake from when he was in Vietnam for when he retired.


Still alive. Reporting for more hotdogs.


and a parishioner is in the hospital on kidney support because she ate some expired lunchmeat from her refrigerator, not all are so lucky, hope you are counting our blessings


You will probably be ok, but it’s not a great idea.

On the other hand, if you do that kind of thing regularly, you are likely better off than someone who is very strict - our guts can adapt to a lot of nasty things if we are exposed to them in small amounts.

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