I hallucinate angels.

I’m mentally ill and I have hallucinations. But all my hallucinations are angelic.

One time I hallucinated the Coronation of Mary. It was the most awesome sight I had ever seen.

Do you think that these are mere hallucinations or is their something of God to them? I must admit that I derive my understanding of the Holy Spirit from these hallucinations? What I mean to ask is do you think that it is God in my life as a real presence or do you think that it is merely mental illness? I can never forget what I’ve hallucinated.

Hi there SH. Regarding your understanding of the Holy Spirit the teachings of the Church are an excellent starting place.

A decent concordance or Bible dictionary will give you many Scripture references on Him to feed your mind with. Father Peter Hocken and Father Thaddeus (Thady) Doyle have written many books on the Holy Spirit, as has Father Pat Collins also.

The Glory Be helps invoke Him together with Jesus who sent Him and the Father from whom He also proceeds. Hoping this whets your appetite.

I think you’ll find that my understanding of the Holy Spirit is in line with the Church.

Where did you have the vision?

Speak to a Catholic physician. Call your Diocese for a referral to a good doctor.

You should be discussing this with your physician; not people on the internet.


Your hallucinations should be discussed with your doctor. Considering that you have mental illness, I doubt these visions are from God. I would say that you should derive your understanding of the Holy Ghost from catechisms and not hallucinations whose origin is questionable. Make sure that your current understanding of the Holy Ghost is in complete accordance with Church teaching.

I find it interesting that what you say is a lot clearer than what some people post here, who do not admit to having a mental illness.

I think it was a typo that put a question mark at the end of your assertion that you derive your understanding of the Holy Spirit from your hallucinations. I thought hallucinations were something like hearing voices and such. The coronation of Mary sounds very complex, more like a dream. Dreams can teach us a lot. The problem is in trying to get at their meaning.

I would say that If whatever you are going through helps you be a more loving person, great. If it leads you to go around proclaiming yourself to be some sort of Messiah, not so good. Keep in mind that life is about loving God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself. Do that and you cannot truly go wrong.

Listen to some harp, it will heal

Could you please describe your vision?

In the backyard of my old house.

Hallucinations can be very complex. The angels that I hallucinate are so real. I can touch them. (Tactile hallucinations). I don’t claim to be some messiah. I’m just a person who hallucinates angels because of my mental illness. Some of the things I hallucinate are so glorious though that I become inspired to faith.

Can you share what your Spiritual Director thinks of all this?

My vision was just like that famous painting of Mary’s coronation. Except the Holy Spirit was not in dove form. It was in angelic form. The Holy Spirit was a beautiful angel. He looked like translucent smoke or water, like some sort of painting; and from his body emanated a light upon Mary’s head. He was the color blue, like a blue hue. But he was like smoke or water. The most glorious angel I had ever seen.

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