I hate being Catholic


…but it’s all I’ve really got.




Can you elaborate?


what do you mean, you hate being Catholic? would you like to talk about it? we’re always here to help, love and support you, if you’re struggling at the moment. i used to hate being Catholic as well, but i have been brought back into the Faith through the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit, and it is more precious and beautiful to me than it ever has been before. why do you hate being Catholic - would you like to share your reasons with us? we’re all here for you - i’m here for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to talk in-depth about this. i can relate to this feeling but i’ve been completely converted back to Catholicism, so hopefully i can answer any questions you may have or respond to any complaints you may be dealing with, if you’d like to talk with me. i’m always here and will always care if you would like to talk about anything at all, or ever need anything. God bless you, epistemes, and please take care. know that i will be praying for you, that the Holy Spirit touches your heart to draw you into the Truth of the Catholic faith in hope, joy and peace as He touched me. i will also be keeping you in my constant thoughts. please take care of yourself.

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison xx


Its good that you recognize that fact.


You know… I kind of understand, but from my own perspective. Sometimes I, too, dislike being Catholic because when I was a secularist I was free to do anything I wanted really without conscience. Now I am so aware of things. Things that again I would do freely before and now I know it isn’t in communion with the faith.

I would like to dialogue with you about this but I have to go back to church in like 15 minutes. I have a class that I have to teach and I really don’t want to.

You are with family here so let’s talk tell us why you hate being Catholic. After all this IS home.

In Jesus with Mary,


In John chapter six, after Jesus tells his followers that they have to eat his flesh and drink his blood, many of them left Jesus. Jesus asked his closest disciples if they, too, were going to leave him. Peter replied “where else can we go? Only you have the words of eternal life”.

It’s a good thing that you realize that your Catholicism is all you have right now. God rewarded the disciples who hung in there, and he will reward you as well. One day you will understand better about how and why allowed you to be a Catholic. God bless you!


awww…how sad!:frowning:
I love being Catholic.And I live in Salt Lake City right now.Which makes us a minority.But,we got all these cool statues and free holy water.And we got the Eucharist.and bingo…and the Rosary,…and we can drink and smoke and have a good time!
I think that converting to Catholicism is probably the best decision I’ve ever made!That and asking my fiancee to marry me!:thumbsup:


I think Peter and the apostles felt the same way at times, and said so
Jesus asked, are you too going to leave me?
Peter said, to whom, Lord, shall we go? You have the words of everlasting life.

what are your alternatives?
half-truths, partial truth, or outright lies.
yup, we are all you’ve got


Try being Christian first and don’t worry about being Catholic.







we all carry our cross


That’s pretty much what I meant.


Being a Catholic is being a Christian. Catholics sacraments and rules are helping us to be a good Christian.
I don’t understand what you are hating about?
Are you saying you hate to be a Christian?

Please explain.


Hi InLight,

Being a Catholic is being a Christian.

Not necessarily.

St. Augustine said, there are those, having found themselves Catholic, remained so because they were impressed with the doctrines, but never became Christians.

There are many Catholics who were Baptized into the Church, but have yet to commit themselves to being disciples of Jesus Christ.
They’ve found religion, but not faith.



In my opinion, I think this thread could be more productive if the OP is willing to share what exactly he finds it most difficult to practice regarding to the Cathoilc faith.



It seems my subject line is spot on, then, 'cause I’m fairly certain that I’ve never been a Christian so much as wanting to belong to the party of Christ.

I had better shut up, though, or else I’ll talk myself right out of the Church, and I really don’t need that again.


I know what you are talking about.
What you said is not something just for Catholics. It can happen to anyone who simply practices religion but does not really know God and has no relationship with God.

What I mean is “a Catholic is a Christian”. Many Protestants deny Catholics are Christians.


If you find it worth it to deal with what you are struggling with God’s graces, then whatever in your mind you seem to hate about will become what you love - that is being Catholic.

You are not the only one struggling.

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