I hate housework


And I’m completely bored with it. I walk through my routine thinking of ten other things, so consequently I loose things 'cause of my absentmindedness…I am tired of washing the same dishes…I am tired of cooking dinner night after night after night…I’m really starting to repeat too much and seem to have forgotten all the things I know how to cook…I keep buying hamburger helper. If I don’t wash two loads a day of clothing I get backed up…I don’t want to make my bed or run the vacuum (If I don’t run it every day it feels gross to me)

I’m going nuts. any suggestions to shake out of this funk would be appreciated…


I’ll join in with ya on the housework rant.

The mess here has built up like you wouldn’t believe while I was in school this past semester. I planned on getting some major spring cleaning accomplished as soon as finals were over (ahem…last Friday) and I haven’t done ANYTHING yet. No motivation at all…:o :mad:


I understand the lack of motivation and the rut that can sometimes come with doing the same chores over and over! In my case I’d gladly be able to do housework instead of working full-time though, which leaves very little time for anything else (my house is proof of that :o).

If you’re a SAHM, perhaps think about how different it would be if you were outside of the home all day and compare how that would feel with the rut you’re currently in. Sometimes just picturing things differently can help with motivation. Best wishes. :slight_smile:


What helped me-and let me add that I am naturally very messy and cluttered-was to think of keeping the house as a job to take pride in. You are making your home a peaceful place for your family.

Besides all jobs have elements of redundancy in them, don’t they?

Luckily as a SAHM you can set your own hours so if you don’t want to clean one day, do something else. Go run errands or work in the yard.


Thanks to all suggestions and encouragements so far…I started the dishwasher…and with Deb in mind (take pride) I will be making my bed directly.

I also turned on some funky 70’s music…to lift the mood.


This won’t help now, but in the the future, when you buy a house, look for big closets!!!

I hate housework, too. :o



It completely changed my attitude. And my HOUSE! It is immaculate ALL THE TIME and with very little effort. WHAT a miracle.

My dustbunnies used to be as big as your head. We were looking for confirmation names for a couple of 'em.


TY mercy…I put it in my favorites…


Just take it easy. Flylady’s best line: IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT!


Can you do the laundry while doing something fun kind of at the same time? I will do laundry during commercials of my favourite show.

Cooking. Hmm. Hamburger helper? ICK! hehe. Sometimes if you get tired of making the same food over and over, it helps to go grocery shopping with a friend and then you can see what they buy. Friends seem to buy from totally different aisles and sections than me. We get ideas off of each other.

Dishes… I hate dishes too. I hope you at least have a dishwasher? The pots and pans and things that can’t go in the dishwasher is a pain in the butt! I just stuff my nice knives and pots and pans in anyways.

Do you have children that you can teach to do the dishes?


No, don’t follow my example! I never make my bed. It seems like a waste of time.:stuck_out_tongue:


I just want to say, my house is WAY more messy now that I’m a SAHM than it was when I was a Working mom :blush: :eek:
I have just come to realize, now we are home ALL the time!! Before we never had much time to make a big mess. We were gone all day and when we got home it was dinner then bed :frowning: The 3 days I had off were so full of errands and laundry, there still wasn’t much time to make a big mess.

Now… we are home from constantly. The mess keeps getting bigger. I try and try and it just never ends. :frowning:

I’m not dedicated enough to do flylady, I’ve tried.


Get a good stereo system, one you can hear throughout the whole house, and just crank that mother! Play it loud, play it long; drink plenty of coffee.


Yeah sister I hear you…When I worked full time I hired someone to come and clean once a week and My H pitched in more…

Now, we’re here all the time and it just gets so messy…:frowning:


I don’t like housework either:nope: …but I give it to God…and somehow, He gives me the strength and motivation to get it done. My kids help…and my husband and I have always done chores equally,when I went back to work. It’s not my job, solely…it’s both of our jobs to keep the house clean, although, I’d say I have always done the grocery shopping, and bill paying…while he has always taken care of the car’s maintenance, lawn work…etc…so, as long as everyone is pitching in–one person isn’t bearing the entire brunt of it all, which is not fair, especially if two people are working.


Get your husband to share the housework or cooking with you. Team up and make some meals together, or take turns on who does cleaning each day or week or whatever. Being a wife doesn’t mean you’re the maid. Marriage is compromise and partnership.


And the worst part about housework is that I haven’t figured out how to do it while playing on the computer!

You can listen to music and even watch television while doing housework. There are even books on tape/CD.

But I haven’t figured out how to “work” on the computer while doing housework. Maybe some sort of surgical wireless implant?




All I have to say is ditto…I totally hear you and empathize.

I just want to say, my house is WAY more messy now that I’m a SAHM than it was when I was a Working mom

Uh huh. Definitely. But what happens when you are a WAHM like I am? You’re home, yet you’re at work at the same time…you see the 3 year old making a disaster, but you’re working, on the phone, so you can’t do anything about it. Mmmm hmmm. Frustrating!!!

I can’t stand to go to bed knowing things are a mess. All my cleaning gets done late @ night when the kids are in bed and I know they can’t come right behind me and undo what I just cleaned. And, I tend not to be quite as ditzy at that time of day because it’s quieter… I actually kind of look forward to that time. I put music or a TV show on, and fill the sink with soapy water for dishes, start a load of laundry, come back upstairs and make lunches, then the dishes have soaked and are ready to be washed. Then a sink full of cleaner and I do the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, and table in the playroom. While I’m downstairs I switch the laundry by this time, and go back up, then sweep and quick mop the floors. I don’t have carpeting because it’s evil. :tsktsk: Then, I sit and look @ school papers and mail and throw stuff away I don’t need. By that time I can go get the dry load and bring it back up and fold whilst I watch CSI or No Reservations. Commercial I go get the second load and fold it. By that time it’s 12 and I grab the clean laundry, and go upstairs and get ready for beddy bye time.

The bathrooms get a really good scrubbing once a week…when I find time. Dusting 2x a week. I hate dust.

I could skip all that and just go to bed @10, but I can’t stand waking up to a mess. That’s a surefire way to start the day off on a crabby note.

I don’t know why I posted all that not like you needed to know…but just know I can totally relate.:wink:


Holy Catfish!
As I write this in my living room I can look on the floor at a church missal, an Easter hat (Easter was early this year :shrug: ) 2 boxes to take to the post office, an empty cardboard coffee cup, a lantern from last weekend when we lost power, a pool arm floatie and a watermelon. These are just the items that do not fall under the clothes-toys-books category.
Should I pick it up? I suppose, but my 6 m/o baby girl is asleep in my arm and I cannot bear to put her down while everyone else is outside with Daddy.

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