I hate my media

Title says it all, I hate my media, primarily the news. Recently I saw a report on a news channel that made me question pretty much everything I hear on the news.

The report was on Australia’s attempt to ban violent video games. Now recently we had a bill trying to be pushed through to allow an R 18+ rating for games out here. From what I understand it has passed but isnt yet implemented. The report was the typical “violent video games cause violence” but what aggravated me was it showed 2 children, both of who looked no older then ten, playing Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2, a game clearly rated MA 15+ :mad:. What I hate is that was used to justify the ‘violent video games cause kids to be violent’. The kids shouldnt be playing that game in the first place! It is illegal for a game store to sell to a minor without a parent there to confirm it, so these parents willing gave a child a game that has on the cover “Violence, Course Language, Sexual references, Drug use etc”.

The entire report was basically stating that video games are evil and need to be banned. Th entire report made me stop and think “if they reported this story so one sided, how can I trust the integrity of any other report they put out there”? It also made me remember some other reports, such as banning the burqa, the report was slated ‘you have to respect peoples differences’ when the report mentioned a woman got off a speeding fine (and quite a bit of verbal abuse to the officer) because a police officer couldn’t properly identify her as she refused to remove her burqa and the cop wasn’t allowed to remove it. :mad:

I guess the media only reports on hot topics that people will agree with, and refuses to raise anything controversial without saying “we dont support this”

Yeah, the media always likes to push these flawed studies, then completely ignore the studies showing the links between single parenthood, even when corrected for income/background and increased violence, drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and promiscuity.

Only answer is either ignore everything or read/get your news from a wide variety of sources.

I don’t think so…

I understand your frustration with the media. Often, it presents an unclear picture of what is really happening out there. There are countless biases, prejudices, and agendas being pushed from all sides.

If you turn off your media entirely, I think that you’d be making a big mistake. You need to keep informed.

It’s okay to get your top news headlines from EWTN. They supply what’s going on in the world from a Catholic perspective.

Of course, you could just bury your head in the sand. If you’re tempted to do that, think again. It’s good that you’ve made your voice heard here. There are probably many Catholics (including myself) that are frustrated with the media. That hate what’s going on. Do something!

That’s why I posted here. To respond back to you. To vent my own frustration. However, it’s not getting any better just typing about it. :cool:

I avoid the major media outlets and prefer to get my news from independent sources online. The corporate media (in the US at least) seems to have sold its soul to one side or the other and really can’t be trusted to report the facts without strong bias.

Well, except for Fox News of course…they’re always “fair and balanced”. It says so right on their commercials after all. :rolleyes:

I’ve tried but I just can’t
Keep up with the media slant.


We all have biases of some type or another. We can do our best to identify and acknowledge them, but it is pretty difficult to find 100% objectivity. Like styrgwillidar said, your best bet is to get news from a wide variety of sources.

Stuff like this makes me rage even more than you actually.

I really, really don’t understand why it’s so hard to take stuff like ESRB ratings seriously! Good. GOD! I really don’t. Parents, if it says Rated M, it’s Rated M. Not for little kiddies. Comprendo!? Don’t blame games when you deliberately choose ignorance.

What part of that is difficult to understand!? :ehh:

I think it’s just ingrained into the minds of many people that video games (as cartoons) are for kids solely by virtue of the medium. 25 years ago, that was probably the case, but not anymore.

Of course, some parents just don’t pay attention to the media their kids consume (or they don’t think it matters). Even ~25 years ago, I knew kids under 9 years old who were huge fans of Dirty Dancing and Robocop. Now that I have kids, I cannot imagine what their parents were thinking! I mean, Robocop had to be tamed down dramatically just so that it could get the R rating (instead of X). Yet they made kids toys for it! :eek:

Why… Media is perfect source to share our views.

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