I hate secular society

Hi all,

Alright so I had to go to the mall today. No big deal, right? Wrong. To get to the store I had to get to, I had to cut through the store Abercrombie and Fitch. They don’t make half bad clothes, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that there are things in there that are just terrible. For example, there was a cologne box, and on the box there was the picture of a girl cupping her breasts (covering them up). But she was (implied) naked. The picture didn’t even show her face. And then there was another poster on the wall of a guy and girl kissing. Not making out, but kissing. Not bad, except the mans forearm was covering the woman’s naked breast (again covered). But still.

I’m not done. I continued walking out of A&F and past Victoria’s Secret. I didn’t have to go in, but just the outside of it is bad enough. Every advertisment on the outside had a picture of a woman in a bra or panites or both! Obviously that’s attractive to men (like me) but it makes it impossible not to lust, especially when you’re making a conscious effort to avoid sexually charged material like that. I am anyway. I’m trying to avoid it for my sake and my girlfriend’s. She deserves respect and places like A&F and VS objectify women (and men. A&F does).

It brings me down to the dumps because I try not even to look at fully clothed women with lust or anything. Imagine how hard it is to look at half naked women with no lust. And these things are very hard to avoid in our culture. It saddens and sickens me. I’ve had just about enough. :frowning: :mad:

any thoughts?


I have my own reasons for avoiding the mall (loud, terrible music, headache inducing lights and crowds, high prices). Shopping online when possible, with a decent ad blocking extension for your browser, yields a much nicer shopping experience.

I consider myself very liberal-minded, but I too am sick of soft porn everywhere I look. It’s demeaning to women. To a woman this stuff says: This is what you should like like. If you don’t look like this, you’re unattractive. To men it says, if your girlfriend doens;t look like this, she’s unattractive. Wouldn’t you rather look at this model than your ordinary girlfriend?

It’s refreshing to find a man who doesn’t go for that stuff. Good for you.

This is your oppertunity to pray for those people in the adds causing men to sin. I as a merried man would be dead spiritually if i gave into the temtation that the world throughs at me. as soon as you see these temptations say “Oh Lord please bless these people with the truth of what they do”, or someting like that.

I feel the same way after going through a mall. I feel sorry for the women modelling and the women who see the ads, and I think it’s pretty sad that companies try to appeal to some kind of primal human instinct and that people buy into it.

I also really hate the displays of excessive consumerism. For some reason it gives me an uneasy feeling.

What really gets me upset are so-called, “church clothes.” Often, they have spaghetti straps, no straps, or in other ways inappropriate. This is very disheartening when trying to find clothes.

*Models have to starve themselves to be considered for work in their industry. Not only do they take diet pills (and other drugs) to stay that thin, they are constantly carrying self-esteem issues because of the competition. The vast majority of models have had many various plastic surgeries including breast enlargements, liposuction, implanted cheekbones, nose jobs and rear-end enhancers. They wear hair extensions, false nails and theatrical make up. But none of this is enough. Every single photo that is used anywhere is airbrushed. Because as “perfect” as they try to be, they still aren’t.

So the next time you are fighting lust while trying to turn away from a picture in a mall, think about all the nonsense behind it. Maybe starvation, drugs, esteem issues, plastic surgery and airbrushing will be enough to kill your lust on the spot. :wink:

Sad, but so true.

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