I hate seeing people suffer!

Whether it’s financial hardship or cancer. I hate seeing people suffer. How can I be happy when everyone around me is suffering in some way?

Yes, everyone is suffering in some way.
But, of course, it could always get worse.
And no doubt, it will.

I try to be happy in the fact that God is taking that suffering and turning it into something good, although, we probably cannot see it.

As an example, my roommate’s brother-in-law was killed in a terrible auto crash on 4/6/13. God used this event to bring my roommate and her sister back to being family again. She and my roommate had not talked for 8 years. She told her that she realized now that life is short and and she was wrong in the grievance that she had held against my roommate. If her husband had not be killed, this would not have happened. The death was tragic, but some good came out of it.

I cannot believe that a God that is all good would let our suffering be in vain. I try to keep that in mind when everyone is suffering around me.

You’re right. :thumbsup:

I know people who suffer financially and their problems seem endless…fix one problem and another more costly problem arises. I tell them to go to church and pray, and they look at me as if I was nuts.

Ask them to be your prayer partner … you pray for them and they pray for you … just a few seconds … once a day … for 30 days.

I believe God has it in His Will to help people many times, but he is only waiting for them to come and ask him, to acknowledge Him in even a small way.

It is like a mother who has a candy bar for her child and is more than willing to give it to him, but she want him to come and ask her for her gift instead of giving it to him without any acknowledgment of her on his/her part except to just take it and go.


Pray to take on their sufferings:

**Dear Lord Jesus, my blessed saviour
I humbly sacrifice myself to you
I humbly give up my life for you
I humbly give my body to you
To do thy will so that those who suffer
From physical tortures and ailments
Are able to live their lives without pain of suffering.

Dear Lord Jesus, my blessed saviour
I am willing to take on those pains
So that they may be healed
From the terrible afflictions that they live with.

Dear Lord Jesus, my blessed saviour
I offer myself to you so that all sinners who have died today
And those in purgatory can be forgiven of all their sins
And rest in peace in your merciful love.**

Suffering is the human corollary of the law of entropy; as such, it is unavoidable.

Poverty and financial challenges arise because the resources we need are in shortage, due to entropy.

Illness, disability and death occur because our human bodies, as elaborate complex physical systems, are subject to entropy. There is no way out.

Do not feel in any way guilty because others are suffering while you currently are not. Enjoy life while you can. We are all going to suffer, ever if only the few seconds without breathing at the final end.

Remember to do penance, and throw yourself and others on the mercy of God.


You take on other peoples sorrows Robert, this is a blessing to them as you understand and pray for them. The thing is this…when you travel down the road alongside of others, in their sorrows and in their pain, be careful not to take it on as yours. You are no good to them, yourself or to God.

Father I can not carry them, only You can.
Take out the “feeling” and put on your mind-set of I understand what you suffer, therefore I want to help you by praying. I learned this the hard way and it is ongoing, boy-oh-boy is it ongoing…

Robert, sometimes people like this create their own problems. It may not seem as if they do, but the choices they make in life mean that they will continue to have these problems. You can tell because the person or people are always in crisis, it’s one thing after another, and they are always going from crisis to crisis. Some of them are the starring victim in their own personal tragedy. Others just seem to look to others for help, and never grow up.

Pray for them. It’s all you can do.

Some suffering is voluntary.

Rather harsh. We don’t all have the same coping skills but that doesn’t mean we bring our troubles on ourselves. Many people who are suffering in the current economic climate would manage quite well given the opportunity.

:thumbsup: But I cannot be truly content knowing that friends are suffering.

The way Robert described them, I got the impression that these are not that sort of person. I am not being harsh to anyone. It is a reality. If you have not experienced it, great for you. I certainly have. Yes, some people actually do bring it on themselves. The best possible outcome is that they get sick of living as victims and take steps to fix it themselves, but it’s not common.

If you misinterpreted my post to apply to everyone who has a temporary crisis, you over-reacted.

Then you are a caring friend, but bear in mind what I said. Some suffering is voluntary.

Pray for them. Ask God to help. He is an all loving God.

No, you appear to be passing judgement on people you don’t know. Even wallowing in self-pity can be a symptom of a deeper problem that requires professional help. With no disrespect to Robert, I fear that he could be indulging in some empathetic wallowing which strikes me as being a tad unhealthy.

If you were, then I would think that you would not be very charitable towards their plight. I doubt that God is pleased in their suffering for suffering’s sake, but for reasons beyond our understanding, these sufferings may one day allow them and others to enjoy eternity with Him. God did not wish that man would suffer, but the fall in the garden changed this.

Now being empathic is unhealthy!

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