I hate the Humane Society


Okay everyone, I have to vent and this is the place I’ve come.
I really hope that someone can talk some sense into me but right at this moment I would be willing to say I will NEVER donate another penny to the Humane Society and I hope that no one else will either.

We have been thinking about a puppy. We want a nice little doggie to be a friend to my kids and a companion when the world gets rough. I’ve had animals all my adult life. I had a kitty for 19 years and a dog for 14. We had a set of cats in our marriage and my girls loved them. Now they are gone, sadly.

So we thought it might be a good time to look. After Spanish class today we stopped at the Humane Society. We had been there on Saturday as they closed so decided to stop today.
One lady was very nice and discussed price with us then pointed us to the animals. The kitties were lovely and one little white one was perfect. As we talked to her, a woman walked by with a little brown puppy. I asked if that puppy was up for adoption and she ignored me.

We socialized with another lady and actually talked her into a small cat. In the meantime, a gentleman was washing the floors and we asked him if the puppy was going to be available. He said yes! and that we should wait, so we did.

After seeing the darling, we decided that we would take her. My girls were in love!!! The puppy was from a home with a small girl but the dad lost custody of the girl and gave up the dog. How perfect!

So, out to the front we go, charge card in hand. After being told by the staff that they would take the card, another woman gave me a paper to fill out and said, cash only. Fair enough. Then she asked if my hubby knew that we were getting the dog. Well no because he didn’t know we were going there. They asked about other animals and such.

Well to make a long story even longer, she heard me call my hubby who was surprised that we had stopped but said to get the dog and also the white kitten so they could grow up together.

We walked back in and the woman pulled me into another room. She said that because I called my husband and they weren’t sure I convinced him, he would have to come in BUT they closed at 3:00 so he would not be out of work. THEN they wanted proof that I had my cats neutered. From 1999! In another city!

Needless to say, this puppy will be gone by Saturday when my hubby can get back. I walked out with two hysterical kids. I even volunteered to pay the fee if they would hold the puppy. No go.

They may call themselves the humane society, but that is just for animals and not for humans.
THANKS “Humane” Society.


WOW, such a story!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how upset my daughter would be in the same situation (NOT to mention myself!!!).

We got our cat from the SPCA. It was a wonderful experience and the staff was incredible.

I really am sorry that you had such a horrible experience!

I agree, I certainly wouldn’t donate to that particular agency. Do you have any other shelters in your area? We have a city-run shelter as well, and they usually have A LOT of kittens and puppies up for adoption.

Good luck in finding your new family member!! :slight_smile:

God bless,



How disappointing for your kids! I suppose since so many people adopt pets on a whim & aren’t good owners, the workers at the humane society have become suspicious of everyone - even good owners like you. Maybe the puppy will still be there if you get there first thing Saturday? You’re right though, probably not. :frowning: Maybe if you go as a family on Saturday, even if that pup isn’t available, another puppy or kitten will be… it seems like there is an endless supply.

As a side note, I recently read an article where the president of the humane society was quoted as saying that the term “pet owner” should be done away with… pets aren’t property - they are compainions… and he went onto to say that dogs should have the same rights as all Americans. He suggested we call them “Canine Americans.” Oh brother. Better not tell Massachusets… next thing you know, they’ll start letting people marry their dogs. Opps… I mean compainions.


Okay, my good friend was on officer with the Humane Soc for many years… so, I can give you what I’ve seen/heard.

The volunteers at the HS have seen more neglect and abuse of animals than you can imagine. Things that would make you so angry or ill or both - I’ve seen my friend sit up for days with rescued animals, I’ve seen photos that give me nightmares. Those people have seen everything, I promise you, everything.

For the puropse of putting these creatures in a good loving forever home, they are very strict when it comes for placement. Some rescue agencies require you to bring in a letter from your vet, references and will come and inspect your home. They tend to discourage “impulse” adoptions, and when someone walks in and decides to walk out with a puppy AND a kitten it threw up a red flag that this might be such. Then, when it looks like your husband was not aware, that threw up another red flag.

Those volunteers have seen many animals either returned or neglected because once fluffy came home, daddy was not welcoming.

Think of this as an adpotion agency, and the agency works in the best interest of the adoptee based on the evidence they have in front of them.

Call back and see what you can arrange about adopting that puppy/kitty. If they are gone, believe me, there is never a shortage of adoptable puppies and kitties in this world!

My advice, if you have your heart set on a pet, pick out the vet you will use - go to that vet and tell them you are considerng adopting and that he/she will be your family vet. Ask if they could write you a letter that you have arranged veternairy care for the new pet (in fact, by asking, you should be able to find out which of your local vets work with the humane society).

Next, get the supplies you will need (collar, lease, training book and pet carrier). When you go back to the humane society, bring your letter and your supplies with you. This assures those people that you are prepared to take on the responsibility of being “forever” families to a new pet, or two :slight_smile:


One of the biggest disserves that I feel we as humans do is to Humanize our animals.

Geez oh Pete! Dogs want to be dogs and cats want to be cats. Sometimes I think that the animals are more compasionate than humans so why would they want to be us?

(although I have to admit that I was going to carry this little darling in a shoulder bag. Part Chi/part husky, this pup was just FOR us)


Honestly, I would have had all the sympathy in the world if they had just let me pay for the dog and hold it until my hubby got there.

And, with this many hoops to jump through, I won’t go back. God will provide us with the right friend and after the way they treated us, it won’t be from there. Wonder why people go to PetSmart and free puppy places, this is why. This policy perpetuates the Puppy Mills.

And BTW, I hadn’t mentioned the kitten to either the staff or my kids (thank you Lord!)


I’m going to look for another shelter, thanks!
Honestly, this group is on Animal Planet. (Animal Cops Detroit) Maybe they are just too big for their boots.


I too hate the Humane Society. Here in Dallas, TX the owner was busted on national television stealing other peoples animals and then selling them for 185.00 per dog. This is the going rate at our Humane Society now. Why in the world they are still open I do not know. This man actually goes into peoples homes who breed dogs, makes up stories about them, and then takes their dogs with a court order. It was horrible to watch. Since them I have refused to “adopt” any animal from them. I would rather go to my local pound anyway.


We used to live in Ann Arbor, MI and they were the same way. All we wanted was a kitty and we didn’t “qualify” (I don’t even remember why) and it was just dh and I–no children at that point. We ended up getting a rescued kitty from another group in the area. The Humane Society here in MN is a different story. We walked in and got a puppy that we shouldn’t have gotten (going to be TOOO big for our small children) and we ended up having to surrender him when he started knocking the children over and biting (nipping–puppy play, you know, but he was already 50 lbs and not done growing!!! YIKES). Anyway, there has to be a middle ground between making animal adoption impossible and just getting rid of the animals. We now have a cute little pug puppy from a breeder, so that I knew her background and probable temperament.

Anyway, good luck to you. There are probably other adoption agencies in your area, or just go to a breeder and get what you want. It’s more expensive, sure, but you often get what you pay for.



Is this a licensed Humane Society or just a guy who has set up a business for himself?


It is licensed.


Huh. I wonder if Planned Parenthood would be concerned in the least about your husband’s opinion if you were seeking an abortion?

Satan is working from both ends. He is confusing people into thinking that human life is nothing sacred. And He is confusing people into thinking that animal life is sacred.

The day will come when Froofy gets $10 million worth in medical care to save his eyesight, while Froofy’s owner gets $0.30 worth of buckshot in the back 40.


Thank you so much for your post!
You’re right. The APL in Cleveland just kind of let you walk out. I even said to the lady that it was nice that they were screening us but geez, they were outright mean.

I watch the show on Animal Planet and these people are spending thousands on half dead animals to bring them back and adopt them out.

Now if a dog or cat is stuck someplace like a pipe or sewer, rescue them.
But they seem to take dogs with heartworm, or mangled limbs and do all they can to save them. Why? Humanely euthanize them and make way for the supposed hundreds of kittens and puppies.
And BTW there were two puppies in this shelter and one would be too big for us. (and only one dog)

I used to think, well they are doing wonderful things, but now I think, so is the rescue up the street. I’m going to probably get a “rescued” dog and forget the puppy idea.




I thought this WAS the local pound.
I need to look into that.


I had a similar situation at our local society when I wanted to adopt a cat…ended up so disgusted that I went the route of adopting a "rescued"cat …when that one passed away I went back to the same people and got two more lovely older cats!
I say go the route of adopting the “rescued” animals…


Don’t give up on that puppy!! just because some woman was crass and rude, don’t give up on him! call her superior if you
have to, but do not give up on him! they might put him down:(

if you really want that puppy, then go get him girl! don’t take no for an answer!:thumbsup:


The Humane Society is a non-profit shelter, that strives for non-kill (that is the reason, through private donations, they try to save mangled legs and heartworm infected animals). hsus.org/.

There is also the ASPCA www.aspca.org. Not sure if they kill or not.

Something called “your town animal control” is “the pound”. They are kill shelters, which means animals have a limited window to be adopted out anf if not they are euthanized.

In our town, the Humane Society does try to rescue animals when they can from the city pound to keep them from being euthanized.


Your story is very amusing actually. I don’t blame you for being upset, it sounds as if you were treated as a suspect. The absurd part of is that there are many animals readily available for free in the newspaper or on the street corner.

This is the type of person that is also pro-abortion and pro-euthanisia (for humans). Good luck in finding the right puppy and kitten, I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful pet owner. LOL, isn’t that funny expecting you to keep proof of your cats’ neutering? :smiley:


Sadly, many of these free puppies/kittens are ill, have genetic problems, and the new owner ends up with heartbreak or cost to get the animal healthy.

A bit of a stretch. I have donated both time and money to my local Humane Society. I am the most pro-life person that I know. Willing to wager that I am not the only pro-lifer who also volunteers with animals?

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