I hate them I hate them I hate them.....


I hate cockroaches! Yes, I’m fully aware that they have a place in this world… but why the heck does it have to be INSIDE my house??? They carry germs worse than what rats carry and they’re ugly. Forget the “Thou shall not kill” rule, I’m going with the first one God gave Adam about having dominion over them. I only see one at a time, but I find one AT LEAST once a night if not every other night. I just nearly stepped on one that was more than one inch long. shuddering

Aside from Borax, what else works? I honestly think my house is infested with them. We live in military housing and this house is just ghetto. I’m sorry, but it sounds like the military doesn’t take care of us, and I’ve lived in military housing for more than 20 years and I have NEVER seen a house this horrible. I’m so upset right now…


Just call an exterminator. If they are the small ones, and you see a few, you have thousands in your walls. If they are the big mutant flying ones, you still have a lot in the walls, but not as many as the little ones.

I feel your pain. I hate to even think of those things!


We sometimes use that insecticidal chalk in strategic places. Dead roaches in the morning.

But to reinforce the profound wisdom posted earlier, the exterminator is probably the more permanent solution.

It’s sooo unfair that roaches will survive a nuclear holocaust better than we.


call housing maintenance and have them come to the house and bomb it. If you live in town homes (attached housing) have them bomb everyone in you building. I did this when I was in the military, some of my neighbors got mad at me because they had to spend the whole day out of the house, come back after 6 hours and open windows then leave again for 4 hours, but then again some of them were quite happy that I insisted on the whole building so they didn’t just go back and forth between houses like they had been doing. When it comes to housing maintenance, the squeaky wheel does get the oil!


Trust me it works.


The good news: these big ones are not infesting your home. They stupidly wander in looking for water. They dehydrate quickly, turn over, and die.

I don’t know if you can use them on post, but I LOVE Terminex. They come quarterly (more if needed) and set up a perimeter around the house so that the roaches don’t come in. We still do get an occasional stragler, but not the hoardes that we’ve seen in the past.

We had housing spray for us at Benning. It didn’t help at all.


If you can get maintenance to do it, have them bomb three times at ten day intervals. This is necessary to kill off the ones that hatch after the bombing before they can start reproducing. Short of that, or in addition to it, the baits such as roach hotel seem to work fairly well but it takes a long time to get the little critters under control.


Actually cockroaches are pretty clean. They CAN transmit diseases, but usually don’t.

But, they ARE quite ugly.


“What we do know is that cockroaches are known carriers of many different diseases,” says Dr. Xing Ping Hu, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologist and Auburn University assistant professor of entomology. “That includes 32 bacterial- and 17 fungal-related diseases, three protozoa-related illnesses and two viruses.”

blechThat link is for a study between roaches and SARS but that’s where I got the numbers. :slight_smile:

I’m not taking any chances with so many kiddos running around. I keep a pretty clean house and I know they’re basically harmless but yeah… blech.

Just gives me another reason to buy bleach in bulk. I’m calling housing today and getting an exterminator over here. :smiley:


roach bombs are great…I hate the huge winged variety…heck I hate the rats and mice and wretched birds dis:tissues: membered under my bed…there I am just a whingeing woman:blush:


I don’t blame you either way. Once DH woke up in the middle of the night, and started screaming. There was a roach on his FACE. :eek:


Use Boric Acid to kill insects, NOT Borax. Borax probably won’t do any good.

Look at it this way…at least you don’t have scorpions! Or bedbugs! (Bedbugs are 20 times worse than cockroaches, and much harder to kill…)


you could catch them and send them to houston. The musuem is paying 25 cent per live roach.


get some sewer rats-they like to eat cockroaches.


Thanks for the reminder of Boric Acid not Borax. Isn’t borax the stuff you use in laundry? And I just moved from an area that I did have scorpions, and black widows and coyotes. On a regular basis. :slight_smile: I even caught a scorpion in the house and put it in a canning jar, left it by my DH’s coffee pot for him to find in the morning with the note of “Hey, our new pet!” :smiley:

Are you serious? Because I’m game… I’ll do this.

That’s alright. I’ve become quick at identifying spiders because wolf spiders are GREAT for it! :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish they had done that when my daughters lived at home. Their rooms were home to a million dollars worth of cokroaches…


Yep! Actually, Borax might kill insects because it’s highly poisonous, but you don’t want to be throwing large quantities around for that reason. They say that Boric Acid is effective but only mildly toxic to humans.


In the mean time…offer it up.

I feel for you, I do, I hate bugs bigger than a speck inside the house. But I know I usually appreciate people reminding me to pray for someone irrtating or to offer up a pain.


are they giving bounties so to speak…I could send a container load if they like…:smiley:


What size container are we talking? If it were summer I could probably give ya three roaches for every two of yours :wink:

There’s a reason they call our Origin Rugby League team the Cockroaches you know :wink:



Yep i am serious. They need about 1,000 roaches for an exhibit. so far they only have 49.


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