I have 2 silly questions about Carmelites

Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I don’t know where else to put it…

I’m trying to write a fantasy novel (hopefully a series of novels) that has a Carmelite hermit living in a community of hermits as one of the minor characters and I’ve hit a snag… I’m reading what I can find online about the horarium and Rule; also looking at photos of the only community of Carmelite hermits I can find and trying to be realistic as I can, but I have no pictures of Carmelites eating and I don’t know what they would eat. I’ve seen photos of hermits taking their little brown lunchboxes to their cells, and a photo of a monk peeling an apple, but that’s it. The scene I’m trying to write now takes place in November but before Thanksgiving, if that makes a difference-- I can’t even find anything online about how their fasting changes during the year. But I’m still just beginning my research.

Also (and this is completely random so I don’t mind if nobody knows) the character used to be a sorcerer and I want him to be a consultant (usually by letter) for the group of main characters trying to stop the sorcerers (bear with me here, it sounds much better in the actual novel than when it’s described) and I wanted to have at least a couple of instances where they go to talk to him in person. The characters can basically teleport, so getting them to the hermitage isn’t a problem, but they would respect the Rule and not just show up and start talking at any time even though most of them aren’t Catholic. So… if such a circumstance existed and the hermit had permission from his superior to talk to these folks when he needed to in case of emergencies, is there anything I should think about when planning the scene? Like, is there a certain particular hour of the day when they’re allowed to speak, or something?

I guess I should probably just copy and paste the whole scene and then you can tell me where I’m wrong, but I thought I’d ask first. Thanks in advance for listening to my silly questions.

Don’t C&P anything! What you’ve written is copyrighted, and you don’t want it released before it’s time.

I have PM’d you before the mods likely move this thread.

Some of my fanfic is moving in the same direction, so once I am done with the first series, I will try to work on the “Convent Chronicles” series.


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