I have a bad neighbor who scares me


I just moved in this apartment and I have neighbor who is a male he lives alone and he very mean man it start when he start to yell at me. He knocked on my wall for no reason I have handphone on I am very respectfully and he start pick on me for no reason I Live alone and I don’t know what to do I am praying that want him to move out


Get a journal and start writing everything. As a tenant you have rights (you might want to look up your local laws), but one of them is the right to enjoy your dwelling in peace.

The problem is that it often boils down to his word against yours, so if you can document, including photos/video you can build a case.

Pray also for his soul, and that you can manifest Christ to him. Kill him with kindness.


Depending on the age of the gentleman next door I guess I would bake him some cookies but keep my door locked at all times and develop situation awareness which means keeping your eyes wide open…even as you sleep. It is unfortunate, but the world is full of odd or poor behaving individuals.
I would also think that having ‘a weapon’ on hand would give you a measure of comfort, too. A good squirt gun full of ammonia is a mighty deterrent!!
I think that most people who are obnoxious and difficult are seeking to have power over someone or anyone that can be intimidated. Woman are guilty of this, too, but we generally just call them 'snarky. Learn to let most of such attitudes to roll off your back and learn fast. Meanness won’t kill you but lack of awareness can bite you around the ankles. AS the other poster, said, “Kill them with kindness,” add a high dosage of prayer, refer all wounds and bobos to our Lord and carry on.


I will definitely do that because I want my landlord to know what going on


He 57 year old and your right and I am trying leave him be

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