I have a big favor to ask you book readers please

Hey CAF friends and family, to those who are readers, If yall get a copy of Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi’s book called “The Time Of My Life” and yall want to get rid of it let me know. Also if yall have Valerie Bertinelli’s two books called “Losing It” and “Finding It” let me know about those too. I would really like to get those books myself but just can not afford them. So please if you get them, read them, and just want to get rid of them, let me know. I would gladly take them off of your hands. I just cant afford to send any shipping cost to you. Thank you and God Bless You all. Georgia or Gigglin.

G4G, almost all public libraries in the US participate in the Inter-Library Loan program. This allows libraries to share their collections with one another. With a bit a patience, you might be able to borrow the books via this program.

Some libraries charge for this program, others don’t. One library I used charged a dollar per book. Another charged nothing. But a third library refused to request any book whose value was less than $30, so the ILL program option may or may not work for you. But I figured it was at least worth a mention.

join www.bookcrossing.com
(i am fabric-dragon there since the all one word version was taken already)

this group “releases” books into the wild, free for the taking. all they ask is that if you are done with them you also release them… in the meantime each book is individually numbered and may be tracked across the globe.

and they have a search feature. and many people list their “bookshelves” (books they have, in the house, not released) available… free or for trade.

its fun
if i , say, planned to leave a book at the … zoo. i would enter the book (say, lives of the martyrs) , the time, and “philadelphia zoo - near lions cage” into the webpage
yes, we all have horrid senses of humor

Thanks I will look out for them there. In the mean time if any of yall have these books and want to get rid of them, please send me a private message.

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Can you check to see the availability of these books through your program so that I will know if it will be worth the effort of signing up for this program? One book is called “Finding It” By Valerie Bertinelli. Another is by Patrick Swayze & Lisa Neimi called “The Time Of My Life” As well as a biography on a book called “One Last Dance” By Wendy Leigh

Have you considered going through ebay? I checked and they have all the books you asked about for $5 and under.

Could you just go to Borders or Barnes and Noble (or whatever the franchise is called where you live) and sit and read them? That’s what we do when we don’t want to actually buy a book.

Over several months, my daughter read the ENTIRE Left Behind series while sipping coffee at Barnes and Noble. I thought she liked the novels until she told me, “Heck no! That’s why I read them at Barnes and Noble–I didn’t want to actually spend money on them!”

(She just wanted to read them so that she could hold intelligent conversations with her friends who did enjoy those books.)

You might have to spend a little on a cup of coffee, but I doubt it will cost as much as a book.

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