I have a brain tumor, am I excused from mass?


Basically, I have a very serious issue. I have a tumor, and in addition to causing constant seizures, I am a serious fall risk. It also causes serious psychological issues. I am the only Roman Catholic in my family, and no one would accompany me because they are a very anti-catholic, anti religion family. The last time I was actually able to go to church was something like 20 years ago, and the local church basically stopped even checking on me. Anyway I am afraid to simply hear the answer most people on here get when asking this question, you should ask a priest, because I have serious issues with trusting them in light of the scandals in the church. I hate to even bring it up, but the only members of the church that even spare any time for me are the members of a convent several hundred miles away from my home. I feel disconnected from the church and faith life, but I just dont see how I can attend church without the ambulance being called all the time.

I read the bible as much as I can, pray the rosary, and I have a copy of Sister Faustina’s diary. I think that getting to pray the Mercy chaplet thing, that Faustina, I think she is a Saint now, was given by Jesus would be helpful. It was recommended to me by the nuns.


Oh my gosh, your family won’t take you, in your illness, to something you deeply care about, (that lasts 45 mins) because they don’t like it? That is ridiculous. Have you tried asking them?

Also, can’t you call your local parish and have someone bring you communion, if you want it? Usually it isn’t a clergyman. (Incidentally, most clergy are good people - Also, I would not be scared of an attack on an older person. That doesn’t seem to happen).

I am so so sorry you are in this situation, and I am praying for you, for whatever it is worth.


Definitely call the parish and see if someone can bring you Communion. And the priest may be able to come from time to time so you can receive Confession.

Illness lifts the obligation to attend Mass, as does lack of transportation, so you don’t need to worry about that at all.

It sounds like you have been staying close to Christ through your prayers and reading.

Do you know how to pray the Divine Mercy chalet? Here is a link: https://www.thedivinemercy.org/message/devotions/praythechaplet.php

Do you know about EWTN? You can get the radio and TV versions online if you are interested in something like that. http://ewtn.com/multimedia/


If you are sick you are excused from attending. There are many people in the parish who if they knew your situation would help. Call the office and tell them you would like some spiritual help.


Call your pastor ASAP. Really. Call the parish and ask to speak to him. Not only may he be able to bring you communion, you will avail yourself of his prayerful intercession and support. It very much sounds like you need a strong Catholic to guide you through the elements of your struggle where your family fails. God Bless!

PS: You very much have my prayers.


Call the parish and ask for a home visit from the parish ministry team and pastor. Ask for anointing, reconciliation, communion.

Over 20 years, staff has come and gone. It is likely that the current staff does not know you are a parishioner or that you would like people checking in on you rather than it being that they don’t care or are being callous. Twenty years is a long time, I assume it is not only the current brain tumor situation that has kept you away from the church.

If you are ill and unable to reasonable attend, you do not need to attend Mass, you are excused.


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