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Dear Sir or Ma'am,
This to all the experts out there! I am currently a junior in high school, and I'm 17 years old. I keep hearing God saying he wants me for himself, but the problem is I'm scared and I don't know where to begin? Can you please give me some advice? I've thought about religious life since I was 15 years old, now I'm seriously starting to discern what it is that God wants me to do; however the problem is that I'm in my valley in life so I can't seem to hear his voice anymore. Also how do I really truthfully know what God wants me to be, or if this really is him asking me to enter the Religious Life?

I feel LOST!!!!!

I'm SO Confused!!! I've had some weird thoughts lately too that don't help me at all. I keep thinking that I wish I was a boy, so then I could become a Priest, however I can't because I'm a girl. I think I'm feeling this way partly because I have low self-asteem, I think at times that I'm worthless or not worthy enough to enter religious life, and I think somehow find it really hard to believe at this moment in my life, that women help this world. I keep thinking how could I, a mere small young lady make a stand in the world, if to others or myself I feel like nothing. I wish so badly that I do not think this but I do. I know this is a weird question, but when I heard the scripture reading about where it tells you to take up your cross and follow Him, Can people still have fun, be human, laugh, and live life, or are they completely consumed by the will to do God's will?
Lastly Please pray for me and my process in discernment, and please pray for my friend who is going through trying to relearn how to walk again. Thanks for your answers ahead of time! (PS. I think it would probably help you to know that I'm a girl!) :)
Your Truly,
A Friend in Christ,


I will remember you in my prayers. Discernment can be challenging, but don't give up. Know that God will allow things to unfold for you, and He will guide you if you commit your life to His hands. When you make the decision to live for Him, He will reward you greatly with graces beyond imagining--even if it seems very difficult at times! I would recommend that you get a spiritual director--a trusted priest with whom you can share all that is going on in your spiritual life, ultimately someone who will walk alongside you as you discern your vocation, someone who will discern your vocation with you. Find a spiritual director, meet with him regularly, every few weeks or so, and be open and honest. Also, stay close to prayer and the sacraments--go to Mass every chance you get, go to confession regularly, and commit to regular prayer, even if it is something very small at this point. A daily rosary or a small amount of time spent prayerfully reading the Scriptures each day will pay huge dividends as you continue to discern.

Again, know of my prayers for you. God bless you!


Seventeen is really young. I assume you plant to go to college? You can take time to discern as you grow. If God really calls you into religious life, he will let you know. It takes time and patience. In the mean time, you should keep on learning, to have a better self knowledge, mature yourself spiritually and academically.

God calls us to pick up our cross to follow him. He also wants us to be joyful. God has never said to live a miserable or a dull life. Joy and pleasure are different. Joy is a virtue. Christian ought to have the joy of the Lord. God bless!


If you are doing what God wants, you will never be unhappy.


Sometimes the only way to know is to try. There are people who go to the live-in and realise they are not called. Some enter and realise they are not called. God has a greater plan and if you feel God calling you then trust in Him. Give yourself over to Him. As others have suggested, frequent the Sacraments. Attend Mass as often as you can, daily if possible even if it means getting up early. Attend Reconciliation regularly too.

Do you feel attracted to cloistered or to active religious life?

What is it that attracts you to the priesthood? If you can try figure that out you can see where you can find those things in religious life. If you do not have much contact with religious then it may simply be you see qualities in the priesthood (which obviously you are in contact with simply by going to Mass) that you do not realise are in religious life.

God doesn’t want us to be somber and solemn all the time. Even religious who have dedicated their lives to God still laugh and smile and enjoy themselves. Doing God’s will does not mean being unhappy and not having fun. It means the opposite: doing God’s will for us brings us to the life that will give us the most happiness and joy. That is what He wants for us.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.

Who were the Apostles? Were they great kings, rulers over the people who had great influence over the land, so that everyone knew their name and would follow them? No.
They were a small group of thoughtful, committed, faithful people who indeed did change the world and went out and spread the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By your faith and your strength you influence those around you, without even speaking a word. By your will and your good acts of charity, you show others the light of the world.

Never doubt yourself ~ for there are many who have been affected and will be affected by your good graces… know this without being prideful, but be thankful that you have the opportunity to share what you believe with others, and you will indeed change the world ~ one person at a time.

God bless.


Please read about Mother Theresa. And Mother Angelica, who started EWTN. They didn't question whether they could be of any use as females. They just followed God's call.

You know He won't leave you alone, even if you try to ignore Him. So go forward, with courage! You have already heard His call, you know it is Him.

God bless you dear sister in Christ!

p.s. Religious sisters can laugh and have fun! It is not against the rules to laugh! And I will pray for you! And your friend.


Hello :slight_smile:
i am also 17 and discerning to be a nun. i started discerning when i was 16 and at first i had a hard time deciding where to start, but i started somewhere…hhaaa i suppose the best choice is to talk to a priest or a deacon or even a spiritual director. thats what i did and it helped me a lot! and for your next step, try contacting and order that you are intersted in. it would help tremendously to spend a few days in the life of a nun.
i will be praying for you! Good luck on your vocation journey!


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