I have a Catholic question about video games

I have a very odd question.
Are the Final Fantasy games pro-Catholic or anti-Catholic? This question has been bugging me for weeks without any definite answers. Please help me.

I only have limited experince about the older games, having played Final Fantasy 6(III), 7, and Tactics.

6 and 7 dont really hit on religion much in one way or another but there is a scene in 7 where even the “Bad Guys” are respectful of an old church.

Tactics on the other hand was crticized for being anti-Catholic but some dismiss it and some dont.

The references in Tactics is so vague, it could be meant for some Protestant or even Eastern Orthodox as some may argue. Still, I’m somewhat confused. :o

hmm, I have found myself immersed in Final Fantasy X for the past few weeks. (I only play after the kids are in bed, and I am supposed to have my feet up). It is sort of an odd question, since the “religion”: in at least in this game doesn’t really resemble Catholicism in any real way. (And the parts that do are actually respected, like the “Hymn of the Fayth”). In a sense the game is a little bit anti religious establishment. The main religious leaders are corrupt and go against their own teachings, it is more or less discovered that the 'teachings" are a fraud, put in place with good intentions, but as we say, the ends don’t justify the means.

But again this is a video game, in a completely fictional place with a completely fictional religious structure, in which ‘religion’ tries to explain unique occurrences in this fictional place. :shrug: I have a hard time equating that with Catholicism, at least the Catholicism that I know. :thumbsup: Of course I also wouldn’t call it pro-Catholic, it is just entertainment.

(Caveat, I also read fictional stories where the world is imagined with a polytheist religious structure and don’t find that anti-Catholic).

I don’t think they even have Catholicism on their minds. Most anti-Catholics are Westerners. Final Fantasy is made by the Japanese who are either Buddhists, Shinto, or just plain agnostic. They might play around with some Catholic elements as part of the myth of the game, but its not meant to denigrate the Church. They have elements of other religions there, some of the Summons for example are Shiva and Odin.

That explains the seemingly Catholic culture in Tactics. But, how about philosophically?
Also, should I show you guys the blog which gave me ideas behind this question?

Sure, link to the blog.

But your original question is a false dichotomy. It is possible that the FF series is indifferent to Catholicism.

From what I’ve seen, FFI-FFV are indifferent. Philosophically speaking, I have no idea.
Tactics is somewhat vague. As for Tactics Advance, it’s even more vague especially on the philosophical sense.

I think the Catholic world needs Catholic game reviewers. :smiley: And no, I’m not suggesting that someone like Father Barron or Michael Voris play some video games.

BadCatholic tends to give me ideas. :smiley:


Well, I don’t look into video games to inform my moral judgements. :smiley:
I was rather confused. o:

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