I have a prayer request for a friend


I have a prayer request for a friend. Her name is Christine. She is currently struggling with a serious bout of depression that is nearly incapacitating. Please pray that this dark cloud lifts and that she can get through this without doing anything harmful to herself, or to alienate her from the people she loves most. She is a single mom to a wonderful little girl and she wants to be around for her. She is a very special person in my life, who has stepped out in faith to ask for prayers, and I know God will come through for her. I will pass along anything that you write for her. Peace for Christine!


Thank you for asking prayer for Christine

Christine, some of us can identify with something of the difficulty you find in your depression. Some of the lovely people who post from time to time on the forums struggle with depression. My husband does…so my heart, our hearts, go out to you.
I hope and pray you have the help you need, but am glad you have the support and prayers of your friend. That’s two people I am grateful for in your life, your daughter and your friend!

It’s difficult being a single Mom. I’ve seen my eldest son struggle through years of being a single Dad, with financial struggle, loneliness at at times depression (but despite all his worries for the children they’ve turned out wonderful poeple. I’m sure your little girl will too, with her Mom who loves her and does the best she can manage, note, ‘manage’.)

…so Christine, I do feel for you, and I’ll keep you in my prayers and daily Masses that there soon be many things to be thankful for in your life and your deep sadness will begin to lift.

With loing thoughts, Trishie.


All shall be well,
and all shall be well,
and all manner of things shall be well .
St Julian of Norwich

St Dymphna pray for peace and healing for Christine.

God Bless Christine, her family and her friends.


Prayers promised for Christine.


Praying for Christine…


Praying for Christine, in thankfulness that she has asked for prayer and for her depression to be lifted.


WoW everyone, Christine just wrote to me and I asked if I could forward her reply back to you.

She said, “*Sure, go ahead and post whatever you want. I’m really thankful and appreciative of all the prayers”. *

So here is her reply back to me:

*Thank you! I actually feel completely better already. The prayers have definitely helped! * :thumbsup:


Will continue to pray for your dear friend…


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