I have a question about an awful dream I had and I'm wondering if it is a message of some sort?:S:S


I had an awful dream last night and I don't know if it's religious, but it felt that way. It was really disturbing. All I remember is seeing a large naked woman laying down and seeing a big snake crawling through her body (in and out of holes) and she was laughing, as though it was entertaining. Someone was there telling me to watch and I was horrified. Sorry if I disturbed anyone, but it felt like it had a message, but I don't know. I also think part of the snake had shiny jewels on it, but I can't be sure.


I tried researching this topic and the only thing I have found that relates somewhat close to this subject is of Greek mythology.. so whether or not you agree with it is your own opinion.

Are you or do you know anyone who is ill?

There is an ancient Greek myth in which snakes crawl over the bodies (not through them) of sick people and licked them back to health. The rod of Aesculapius is a staff entwined by snakes, which is the symbol used for health and medicine still today. The fact that she was laughing might represent her joy in being healed???

Like I say, it is but a myth.. this is the closest explanation I could find.. :)


I would pray the Rosary.
We had our home blessed as my son was having bad dreams, and that helped.


Perhaps the snake is the devil (Genesis) and the woman is society today (used in revalation, the whore of babylon) and all the disgusting sin that society promotes through sex… Or perhaps it’s just a bad dream.:shrug: Like my mother says, we’ll have to ask God when we see Him.

A link to my thread too: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=411802

God bless!


Don’t take stock in dreams, there is a section in the OT that discussed how they are not to be followed. There is absolutely logic behind this, and there can be anything in place from something in your diet, hormones, and any number of physical elements which influence our dreams to more deeply rooted psycological issues that can come out through them. This tends to place what ever mystical interpretation into the context of it taking way too much discernment for us humans to be able to navigate through, which is, I’m sure at least part of the reasoning behind it. Along the other tangent, even if you have a dream and it’s spiritually inspired, where some message is being sent to you, how do you know what spirit it is? I’ve been attacked in my dreams, literally, so, it’s no wonder I’ve had some bizarre ones as well myself.

If you were a young man, I’d account it to hormones, yet clearly you are not, so pick any number of reasons, they all are about as equally valid for what it’s worth, as far as having substance behind them.

On this topic though, I’ve had dreams of visiting new places, then described them to people I knew, and they confirmed it was describing perfectly where they were at, stuff like that is kind of strange.


[quote="Viki63, post:3, topic:181743"]
I would pray the Rosary.
We had our home blessed as my son was having bad dreams, and that helped.


Also get a massive holy water squirt bottle and use it liberally :)


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