I Have a Question About Holy Communion

I am new to Catholicism. I see that my local catholic church has Mass everyday. Does this mean I can receive the Eucharist everyday?

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Yes, you can. And it is AWESOME!!

(If you are Catholic, and do not have any unrepented mortal sins, etc.)

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Thank you for your response! I thought I would have to wait a while, but you answered so fast:) I am looking forward to being able to receive Holy Communion

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Can I get a bit of clarification? You say you are new to Catholicism. Have you been received formally to the Church? Gone through RCIA? Been baptized, received first communion, and been confirmed?

Many Catholic Churches do hold Mass everyday and a Catholic may receive the Eucharist daily as long as they are in a state of grace (no mortal sins on their souls).

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Mass is celebrated EVERY day of the year except Good Friday. On Good Friday there is no Consecration of the Eucharist. We receive Jesus in Communion but the Consecration of those hosts was done the day before on Holy Thursday.

When one lady I know who was raised Catholic changed to Methodist and we were discussing the Eucharist I said OK if your Methodist Communion is so great (In other words you are saying it is Jesus) then why isn’t it offered every day of the year like it is in the Catholic Church. We (Catholics) believe the Eucharist IS JESUS and we can receive Him 365 days a year. She said you know that’s true. She knew it but it didn’t change her mind about coming back to the Catholic Church.

Of course, as long as you are not conscious of having committed mortal sin (grave matter, full knowledge, deliberate consent) in which case better go to confession first - but you can still attend mass :slight_smile:

Daily communion is encouraged. St. Pius X, the great apostle of the Holy Eucharist, promoted it and also lowered the age at which children could receive First Communion.

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