I have a question about if what im doing is morally bad

Ok well sometimes when im bored ill look at videos of women doing stuff such as like stripping and kissing other women and do stuff to themsleves. I just wont to know if this is a mortal sin or sin at all. cause it feels wrong but im not sure. so could someone help me. im in my teens.

Dear friend

By viewing such videos you are deliberably creating occasions of sin, which is sin. Sorry.
To deliberately sin…it doesn’t matter whatever degree of sin it is, because it either gradually or slowly destroys your spiritual life if you do not seriously amend. You are God’s child, given life lovingly by God as a unique, presious person, to share your unique self with God and with your brothers and sisters whom He also lovingly created. You are incredibly loved by God.

You might find it helpful to go to Confession and begin again with a resolve to do this no longer, asking God’s help, and maybe getting busy doing something else. This activity is self absorbed in any case and your life can be richer if you contribute some effort to making others’ lives a little more pleasant.

I’ll pray for you for the grace to go to Confession…and don’t be alarmed, the priest has already heard everything in the confessional!..

I’ll pray also that you will find life-giving ways of occupying the time you formerly spent with such videos.

All the best with it all
Your sister in Jesus, Trishie

May the Holy Spirit inspire you and give you strength, purity, and peace.

thank you very much and i will try and do my best to not watch them anymore

Please pray for the intercession of the Blessed mother, she is a powerful combatant against impurity. So is St. Anthony of Padua.

Please pray for the intercession of the Blessed mother, she is a powerful combatant against impurity. So is St. Anthony of Padua.

Good advice from Aquinas. One thing I learned many years ago was that if one is having problems with sexually related sins, it is very helpful to stay away from sexually questionable material of all sorts, such as books, magazines, porno sites on computer, certain movies, discussions with friends, and so forth. In todays world it takes a lot of effort to do this and there will be stuff you just can’t avoid because it pops up everywhere. The way some girls and women dress today is a problem in itself, but you really don’t have to let your gaze linger on them. I can positively say that the effort is worth it. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Bless you for you good intentions! :slight_smile:
May God help you, dear friend in Jesus. See you in heaven… eventually! Trishie

And these are internet videos or dvd’s?

If DVDs destroy them and remove the temptation, if you’re doin this via PC, I suggest some kind of software blocker, installed by someone or method that prevents you from getting the password.

I pray to St Michael the Archangel for any temption creeping up to me (and also my guardian angel)


It’s a sin.
The way to get out of it is by starting to change the way you think. Modern society gives you a distorted view of what manliness is. It gives a green light to all kinds of immoral behaviour, especially regarding men. However, the most masculine and attractive men are those who respect, love, and protect women and who respect themselves and the Lord so that they dont sin against own purity.

I don’t know how old you are but I think you should start reading the New Testament… it will give you an idea about what a truly godly man is. Make the Love of Jesus a guide to all your actions.

Many young Christian men and women long to be loved and to give themselves totally to their spouse on the wedding night. Every time you look at pornographic images or movies you take pieces away from your virginity and chastity.
Always ask your self about the qualities that you hope to eventually find in your future bride. Then once you have made that clear ask your self: “do I deserve such a lady?”. Work on preparing your self for the day when you meet that young woman. Maybe right now she is stading with a movie in her hand full of naked men doing sexual stuff to themselves… Would you advice her to watch it? If she does she will most likely get these images fixed in her mind as well as experiencing the arausal that comes with it and which often leads to masturbation as well as a lowered discipline so its harder to say “no” in the future if she gets tempted by some man to go do stuff with him in real life… My advice is that you pray for your future bride as well as for your own purity. Fast with your eyes.

The Bible says that once you let desire conceive sin it gives birth to death… When you sin you dont just effect your self… you also affect the women in the sex industry who are comitting grave sin and who, many of them, hate men for being so weak… You also grieve the Lord Jesus who has created you to be a real man, who would love in a pure and holy way.

Believe me… I have to tell my future spouse about my sexual sin comitted in the past… and it will be a very very sad thing for me to tell him…

Every day that goes by where you dont engage in sexual sin will indeed matter to your future bride… Hopefully one day you can say: I did something for a short while… then I found out it was wrong and I repented.

Peace be with you.

Yes I totally agree; however, i also believe that if you do not install the blocker programs, and just stop looking at the images on your own, you build up strong will against temptation.
Sure the programs may be neccessary and will help a lot, but if you are able to say “no” to yourself when you have full access to the material, that is when you have truly defetead satan in this sexual tempation.

Personally, i find it more gratifying when i can say i defeated a temptation through prayer and my own strong will when i have full acess, than if i had the programs to block it but inside i was burning to search the material.

Basically, we have to be true to ourselves, that what is most important: Jesus Christ, must come first, and sexual desires because of impure material is not from Christ, but from our enemy, satan.

Like my signature says “Omnia Vincit Amor” latin for “love conquors everything”, it really is true, love does conquor everything for Jesus was pure love and he cponquored the greatest evil, death, only through love for us all.
And i am absolutely positive that impure material is not anywhere close to love, and definitely does not lead to love.

God Bless, Good Luck :thumbsup:

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hi whiteknight21,i do agree with you about not having a blocker but there are times when it would be very good to have.especially when one is in a slump spiritually and securally,ie bad day at work,car broken etc.not saying these are valid reason’s for viewing just that some else knows when one is the most vunerable.

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