I have a question about pornography


I know that watching porn is a sin. So if someone were to confess that in confession, what would they say. Would they just say that they watch porn or would they just say it differently?


This is your second thread about what to say in confession.
Are you Catholic?
You would just say you viewed porn. If the priest needs to know anything else he will ask.


Priests have probably heard all kinds of crude and untactful descriptions before. “I watched porn X number of times” is probably fairly tame. And anything more vague might leave him in doubts about what exactly you did.


Yes, just say “I viewed pornography x times”. If it was especially wretched and you feel you should add that it was especially wretched, then you can say “I viewed especially wretched pornography x times”.

If there was any other illicit activity associated with the viewing of pornography (to be technical pornography is strictly more of an occasion of sin which makes it sinful for most people to watch if you’re not a nearly perfect saint, and even if so), then also mention that as well.


Don’t use euphemisms in confession. I watched porn n. times. I masturbated n. times. Not “impure things” and not “was impure with myself”. Say it as it is.


Don’t get hung up on finding the exact right words. There’s no magic words you have to say in a specific order. As long as you’re clear and the priest knows what you mean, you’re good. Just communicate clearly and directly, that’s all.


yup just say you watched or used porn don’t have to get into all the small details also if masturbation is involved you would want to confess that too.


Basically unless that person self abused while doing so there’s nothing really more to confess than they watched it.


It could be mortal or venial sin depending upon various factors. Mortal sins are confessed in number and kind, whenever those can be recalled.


I’m not sure how this question is relevant or appropriate.


How is it not relevant? Someone is asking about confession. This is the second thread asking what to say in confession. I was trying to gauge whether they are Catholic or not in order to understand why they would have trouble knowing what to say.


Some of us are Catholic, but are “out of practice” and need a little help.

Some of us are converts who are new to this.

Questioning of their credentials likely does more harm than good.

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