I have a question about the way my brother is acting and how I should respond


My younger brother is 15 and his birthday is in almost a month, but he is acting in a sort of obnoxious rude way about asking for the things he wants people to get him for presents and what he wants for his birthday meals. He keeps on asking for the same presents over and over again. He is asking for a dvd which isn’t even available until way after his birthday, and he knows that is isn’t available, but he continues to ask for it still. And my mom always lets us pick out our meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner) either home made or at a restaurant. He continues to add on his list, like he has 10 meals picked out for his birthday and we don’t know which one he really wants to eat. Some of this is due to the way that he just is, his sort of personality that we all understand, but sometimes to me he sounds like he is asking for way too much. I just want to be able to tell him something, but make him understand that he cannot have all these things and he needs to just pick out one or 2 places to eat out at, not 10 places.

There is nothing wrong with him, it is just his certain type of personality that I guess he was born with, my older brother sort of has this same type of personality, annoying, but we have to live with it:) But if I just ask him what he really wants, he will just tell me the exact same thing that he has been saying the whole time.


What does your mother say to all this? Is she allowing him to call the shots? If his behavior is tolerated, you may just have to live with it until you have a place of your own and have your own rules, but until then, just do the right thing.:thumbsup:


sounds like mom and dad need to call the shots on this one. Just be happy for him, but don't let him guilt you into more than you feel comfortable giving! Obnoxious behaivor should never be rewarded with anything more than good manners and level headedness.


Hi.You can settle on just getting him one gift and explain you are on a budget.He sounds as If he is a bit demanding.i hope everything works out for you!


It seems to me, as the sister of a younger brother, that boys take considerably more time to mature than girls. Maybe that’s what you are seeing. He’s exhibiting the selfishness of a child because he is still a child, even though you may have been more mature at his age. His birthday will come, he’ll receive some presents, special meals, and attention. Then life will return to usual. I think he knows it irritates his big sister that he is being unreasonable, so he continues make more demands. That’s what little brothers do.


He is just trying to be troublesome. Sit him down and try to talk to him. Make him understand he is getting a year older. That means he should learn to make good decisons by himself and stop thinking he is still 7 years old


Send him this link:


No, you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Perhaps he will get the point.


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