I have a question for our Jewish friends


We were talking about sacrifices by the Jews in the OT today in bible study. One of the ladies said she asked a Jewish man what they do to atone for sins because they no longer have animal sacrifices and he said they use bread over water. He didnt explain and we have no idea what he meant:confused:

Do you?

Also, technically shouldnt the Jews still be doing animal sacrifices and since you dont how do you atone for your sins?

Im not looking for a debate, I just told my friends I could find out the answer here.:smiley: Im really curious as to how you guys can get around this because it is part of The Law.:confused:

Thank you for your answer. Please lets not argue over anything. I truly just want answers is all.:thumbsup:



I have found this web-site to be helpful with re: Jewish customs.

I’m not 100% sure if the info on the web-site is right, but it hasn’t let me down thus far.

I’m sure that when our jewish brother/sister are about they will be able to help you more. (At least they will be able to say if the info on the web-site is right)

God Bless.




Well, short answer, yes, it is part of the Law to perform sacrifices in the Temple. There is no longer a Temple, therefore no place that meets that requirement, hence no more animal sacrifices until such a time as the Temple is rebuilt.

Disclaimer: I am not Jewish, but have studied a fair bit, primarily with the Reform movement, and read further in several different branches of Judaism. The site referenced is indeed a good one.



You know now that you mention that I do remember hearing about the Temple issue you refer to. But didnt the Jews still offer sacrifices without the Temple. Im thinking in the book of Daniel there was no Temple.:confused:


You’re welcome!

Thus far, I have found jewfaq.org/ to be reliable in regards to Judaism.

ALLFORHIM if you look at the link, I gave in the other post it talks about “offerings” (with food)

There is no more “animal sacrifices” because there is no temple.


No, we no longer offer sacrifices. The bread over water thing that was mentioned in an earlier post may be referring to a tradition of going to a river and casting bread on it, during the high holy days. This symbolizes the casting away of our sins.



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