I have a question for Protestants, why do they think Christ left the Catholic Church?


I have a question for Protestants, why do they think Christ left the Catholic Church?

Did Jesus Christ say that he will always be faithful to us even when we are unfaithful to him?

How could Church be in error took so long to correct itself until the 1517-1539? Did the Holy Spirit give the Church the run around?

Was the Church wrong when it condemned Arianism in the Council of Nicea in 325 AD back then the Church was Catholic. How about when the Church Council condemned Nectorianism in around the 400s AD? Or Gnosticism?

Why would the Holy Spirit leave the Catholic Church anyways? Do you suppose God divorced His Church because its member sinned? Wouldn’t he contradict Himself when he forbid the sin of divorce?


Split off as a separate topic.


waiting a response from Non-Catholic Christians.

whispers “If you write it, they will come.”


I suggest you study the history of Isreal, when they were in apostasy, God stood against them. So, even thou the Holy Spirit will never leave his people, that does not mean his people can not leave the Holy Spirit.



I am well aware of Israel’s history. So you are saying that the Holy Spirit is still with the Catholic Church?


Acknowledged…but that does not apply here to the case of the Catholic Church.

If one researches the writings of the earliest church fathers (say the first 400 years) you pretty quickly find that they believed and taught the same things that the Catholic Church does today and are at wide variance with the teachings of modern non-Catholics.

When laid along side both sets of doctrines, one finds that the Catholic Church holds the same beliefs, where modern non-Catholics do not.

To me it’s a no brainer since the ECF are vastly closer to source than the reformers and their step children, why would I follow their teachings?


Who says that the Holy Spirit left the Catholic Church? Or, for that matter, that the Holy Spirit is not present in non-Catholic Churches?


No one here make the claim that the Holy Spirit is not present in the Non-Catholic Churches…

I have heard from some Non-Catholic Christians that the Catholic fell into apostasy and as a result the Reformation came into being. Mormonism itself claim that all other Christian faiths to include Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant are apostasy… and the concept of the Trinity is false.


You do realise your first question is just a bit ambiguous :slight_smile: ?

BTW, “why is the Catholic Religion the truth?” does not mean the same as “why do Protestants think Christ left the Catholic Church?” The questions can be answered separately, without the answer to one implying any particular answer to the other. ##


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