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I am going to confession on Saturday and I have some serious sins that I need to confess. In the meantime, I have been praying the Act of Contrition and the Rosary on a daily basis. My question is, in your opinion, are my prayers useless at this time until I go to confession? Does God still listen to me eventhough I had committed some mortal sins (like lying, jealousy, anger, and missing Sunday mass on a few occasions) in the past? I have been worrying about this and I can’t seem to wait for saturday to come.

The last time I went to confession was last April. I know God is merciful and is very loving and forgiving but I just need to know if He still listens to my prayers eventhough I have not gone to confession yet. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


You had the right answer when you said:

So, yes, you’re still being listened to. And loved.


Lizzie, yes I’m sure God still listens. I know He listened and answered many of my prayers before I was Catholic and before i went to Confession at all, and lived in mortal sin. I think He does hear the prayers of everybody who prays to Him :slight_smile: He hears everything…even the things you don’t say. Be at peace about that. There are certain things that we can’t do in a state of mortal sin, but prayer is always allowed.

btw, I’m in the same situation :slight_smile: I did something really bad and I can’t wait to go to Confession on Saturday!! we’re in the same boat sis!

God bless you.


How does God grant sinners the grace to repent - or grant them forgiveness of their sins - if He doesn’t hear their pleas for both WHILE they are in the state of sin? :confused:


God most definitely is hearing your prayers and is waiting to welcome you in the sacrament of confession! If you’re still concerned about waiting to get to confession, you could call your parish and schedule an appointment. Most parishes will allow you to do this. Thanks for your post…it’s nice to see that someone appreciates the power of this great sacrament!

God Bless,

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